Tweens & Teens Lessons I Wish I knew (PT2)

Last week, I shared with you I spoke at a young women’s empowerment. I totally ended up talking all about forgiveness and the next thing you know I’m pouring out my testimony.  I promised you I would share how it went so this post is my promised fulfilled.

I Burned All My Old Journals

If you a writer you may cringe at the title of this post.  No need to pray for God to revive my journals.  The burning of my journals was inspired by God. Trust me; else I would have NEVER!. With all honesty, I would have probably kept those journals forever. At first, I didn’t understand…

Foster Care: A Letter To The Church

Dear Church, Many times in church we are overlooked not because we are sitting behind the women with the big Sunday hat; but because we dont belong to any of the parents in the congregation. Unfortunately,  sometimes the church is another place youth and young adults who have been impacted by the Foster Care system…

Sweet Florida Lessons

I’ve traveled to over 25 states in America, some of the most life changing lessons I learned were in good old  Sunshine State Florida.  In my post Sweet Encounter with FREEDOM  I shared about my experience at King Jesus Miami. But in this post I want to share about lessons I learned from my sister while…

Addressing Inner Wounds

As a person who endured childhood abuse  and trauma I learned to internalize emotions as a way to cope and to survive. If I was hurting I smiled, If I was overwhelmed and frustrated I smiled , When I was manipulated and tormented I smiled. I never really told anyone how I really felt.

Forgotten Tears of A Mother

Who would have  thought a 45 minute conversation  with my mother would  change my whole perspective and attitude towards my mom.  God has such a way of doing the unexpected and beyond expected. For many years I have carried resentment, UN-forgiveness, and hatred towards my mother for placing me in adoption.  5 years ago the…

Foster Care: Tips on Meeting Birthparents

Meeting my birth mother at the age of 24 came with so many lessons here’s the advice I would give at 28 years old. Get a cup of Tea and  sit down let me share some treasures with you: