Flipping Back The On Switch Of Your Emotions

” I’ll never allow anyone to hurt me ever again” have you ever said this before? Perhaps you didn’t realize this statement flipped the off switch of your emotions. To say you will never let anyone hurt means you must not feel.  We have no control over people hurting us. The control we have is…

Confessions From A Bad Friend

God has a way repurposing our mistakes to make something amazing. So here it goes I was a “BAD FRIEND”.  Maybe the title alone brought you to read this post. Or maybe your like me made mistakes and hurt people you deeply love. Here some tips I learned on how to move forward and how…

Yea, So I met this Guy

I didn’t plan on staying late for work, but it happened. This left me running to the bus out of breath like a crazy girl, I found a seat looked up and there he was.

Read the Manual to your Sword

In my last post you read about how I was walking around with a sword not even using it. No silly  not in the natural but in the spirit. I was just carrying this sword  because people told me that I should carry it every day. So a few days ago I found myself low…

Treasures for your Mind

Five  Treasures  I learned from people who invested time in me during  hard times in my life