Sweet Florida Lessons

I’ve traveled to over 25 states in America, some of the most life changing lessons I learned were in good old  Sunshine State Florida.  In my post Sweet Encounter with FREEDOM  I shared about my experience at King Jesus Miami. But in this post I want to share about lessons I learned from my sister while…

Purity after Sexual Abuse

I heard the Lord whisper to me “There is Purity after Sexual abuse”. The words sparked me because I never thought I would be able to see myself as pure with such a dirty and dark past.

Yea, So I met this Guy

I didn’t plan on staying late for work, but it happened. This left me running to the bus out of breath like a crazy girl, I found a seat looked up and there he was.

A Mother’s Prayer for the Motherless

So many times I’ve heard the statement ” I’m a product of my mother’s prayers” as people have shared their testimonies . I’ve always wondered as a young person in foster care,

The Brick Of Jealousy

These last few weeks I have submerged myself in the study  of Jealousy. Cleaning out my heart I found some. And I’m happy to say God has place me in a season of being honest with myself and seeking God for help. 

Confessing your Secret Struggles

I woke up this morning not knowing how God and I were going to spend our morning together. Honestly  guys I didn’t want to get up but I dragged myself out of bed. I decided  no matter what I was going to spend this time with God and I was going to wait for his presence.

Read the Manual to your Sword

In my last post you read about how I was walking around with a sword not even using it. No silly  not in the natural but in the spirit. I was just carrying this sword  because people told me that I should carry it every day. So a few days ago I found myself low…

Oh “The Amor of God”

The Fabulous Armor of God. Probably trillions of Christians put on the armor daily. But do we really know just what we’re putting on, and its true value?  Speaking from personal experience my mornings would start religiously putting on the armor, because its just the right thing to do right ? WRONG !. I didn’t…