Foster Care: Enjoying Mother’s Day Without A Mom

An invisible wound each year I would re-pick. No matter how much new skin grew, I would tear it off to once again to feel those overwhelming emotions of sadness. Each year was the same two choices; either I overwork, or sleep the day away. As many prepared for a day of honor for their mothers, I…

Sweet Florida Lessons

I’ve traveled to over 25 states in America, some of the most life changing lessons I learned were in good old  Sunshine State Florida.  In my post Sweet Encounter with FREEDOM  I shared about my experience at King Jesus Miami. But in this post I want to share about lessons I learned from my sister while…

Foster Care: Tips on Meeting Birthparents

Meeting my birth mother at the age of 24 came with so many lessons here’s the advice I would give at 28 years old. Get a cup of Tea and  sit down let me share some treasures with you:

Purity after Sexual Abuse

I heard the Lord whisper to me “There is Purity after Sexual abuse”. The words sparked me because I never thought I would be able to see myself as pure with such a dirty and dark past.

The Confessions Of A Needy Friend

I think this post has to be one of my rawest posts thus far. I have cried, prayed, got mad and became extremely transparent and vulnerable about my battle with rejection. This post is about the confession of a needy friend.  I didn’t know I was that person until God begin to take me through…