New Series: Purity After Sexual Abuse

  Sexual Abuse and Purity are two words we never hear in the same sentence. Back in 2017, God whispered ” Purity After Sexual Abuse”.  I wept when I heard this because I have always felt dirty and shameful for my past.  Never did I think the stains of being violated could come clean. The…

Clinginess and Fake Id’s

Before God began processing me I was extremely clingy.  If you would like to know just read my post  The Confessions Of A Needy Friend.Children are clingy because they are in need of knowing their safety, love and affection is secure. Once they are secure in these areas they begin to adventure into independence. What do…

My Love Awaits You

I started writing this post back in August and felt inspired to name it ” Get Your Own Love” but as I complete this post I heard the lord whisper ” My Love Awaits You”.So many of us are among God but we don’t  know him intimately. God has a special package of LOVE waiting for…

Sweet Florida Lessons

I’ve traveled to over 25 states in America, some of the most life changing lessons I learned were in good old  Sunshine State Florida.  In my post Sweet Encounter with FREEDOM  I shared about my experience at King Jesus Miami. But in this post I want to share about lessons I learned from my sister while…

Addressing Inner Wounds

As a person who endured childhood abuse  and trauma I learned to internalize emotions as a way to cope and to survive. If I was hurting I smiled, If I was overwhelmed and frustrated I smiled , When I was manipulated and tormented I smiled. I never really told anyone how I really felt.

Forgotten Tears of A Mother

Who would have  thought a 45 minute conversation  with my mother would  change my whole perspective and attitude towards my mom.  God has such a way of doing the unexpected and beyond expected. For many years I have carried resentment, UN-forgiveness, and hatred towards my mother for placing me in adoption.  5 years ago the…

Beautiful Surrender: Letting Go

Placing my hands up in surrender I whispered to the lord ” I surrender my reputation”  As tears drop I knew this had a deeper meaning then what I could understand at the moment.  A few months ago I remember a similar conversation with God  but I was surrendering every relationship I put above God.

Foster Care: Tips on Meeting Birthparents

Meeting my birth mother at the age of 24 came with so many lessons here’s the advice I would give at 28 years old. Get a cup of Tea and  sit down let me share some treasures with you:

Purity after Sexual Abuse

I heard the Lord whisper to me “There is Purity after Sexual abuse”. The words sparked me because I never thought I would be able to see myself as pure with such a dirty and dark past.