My Love Awaits You

I started writing this post back in August and felt inspired to name it ” Get Your Own Love” but as I complete this post I heard the lord whisper ” My Love Awaits You”.So many of us are among God but we don’t  know him intimately. God has a special package of LOVE waiting for…

Beautiful Surrender: Letting Go

Placing my hands up in surrender I whispered to the lord ” I surrender my reputation”  As tears drop I knew this had a deeper meaning then what I could understand at the moment.  A few months ago I remember a similar conversation with God  but I was surrendering every relationship I put above God.

Beyond the Catchy Tune

    The song Greater by Mercy Me  I discovered  on dirty roads, large cups of coffee and driving the southwest with my mission travel buddy .  No matter where we traveled we always were able to get enough signal to pick up the Christian radio station K Love ( that was all God).  “Greater”…

The Brick Of Jealousy

These last few weeks I have submerged myself in the study  of Jealousy. Cleaning out my heart I found some. And I’m happy to say God has place me in a season of being honest with myself and seeking God for help. 

Treasures for your Mind

Five  Treasures  I learned from people who invested time in me during  hard times in my life

The night God told me He LOVES ME

An encounter with God I won’t ever forget. The night before, I went to bed very late about 1:30am in the morning from a long day of work. I turned off my 4:00am alarm for worship. I have two alarms I should share with you. My first one is 4:00am to wake up but to…