September Monthly Devotional: The Creativity In You

I waited for everyone to leave the house. Running downstairs full of excitement to blast her latest song.  Something about it just took me to a whole other world.  I’d turned the song so loud I couldn’t hear reality. My ears pierced with freedom and fun.

April Monthly Devotional: Pocketful of Prophecies

Hey, friend. What have you done with the prophetic word God has spoken over your life? It’s funny; my baby niece use to stuff her cute little mouth with food and while still chewing, she would place her hand out and say “more more”. Just like my adorable neice, many of us do this same…

Hating The Crime Loving The Criminal

Let’s just jump in. I dont hate Child Molesters”. Before crossing me off your favorite blogger’s list hear me out. For over 7 years I’ve searched through the Bible looking to justify my hatred for my adopted father. I challenged God on why I had to love a man who denied me of being his daughter…

New Series: Purity After Sexual Abuse

  Sexual Abuse and Purity are two words we never hear in the same sentence. Back in 2017, God whispered ” Purity After Sexual Abuse”.  I wept when I heard this because I have always felt dirty and shameful for my past.  Never did I think the stains of being violated could come clean. The…

Coming Back Home: To What Really Matters

As a young woman who is  African American I have to be honest, I’ve never jumped on the bandwagon of Black Lives Matter. I’ve come across many people who share their black power with me, But I’m more interested in the Power of Christ.