Addressing Inner Wounds

As a person who endured childhood abuse  and trauma I learned to internalize emotions as a way to cope and to survive. If I was hurting I smiled, If I was overwhelmed and frustrated I smiled , When I was manipulated and tormented I smiled. I never really told anyone how I really felt.

Beyond the Catchy Tune

    The song Greater by Mercy Me  I discovered  on dirty roads, large cups of coffee and driving the southwest with my mission travel buddy .  No matter where we traveled we always were able to get enough signal to pick up the Christian radio station K Love ( that was all God).  “Greater”…

Confessing your Secret Struggles

I woke up this morning not knowing how God and I were going to spend our morning together. Honestly  guys I didn’t want to get up but I dragged myself out of bed. I decided  no matter what I was going to spend this time with God and I was going to wait for his presence.