Drinking From The Well Devotional: Distracted At The Well

Most of us are unaware we are distracted at the well. We feel because we arrived at the location of the well’ we are connected with God.  But in reality, we are farther than we think.  We are disconnected and disengaged. Our bellies are full but our souls are empty.

Tweens & Teens Lessons I Wish I knew (PT2)

Last week, I shared with you I spoke at a young women’s empowerment. I totally ended up talking all about forgiveness and the next thing you know I’m pouring out my testimony.  I promised you I would share how it went so this post is my promised fulfilled.

Foster Care: Enjoying Mother’s Day Without A Mom

An invisible wound each year I would re-pick. No matter how much new skin grew, I would tear it off to once again to feel those overwhelming emotions of sadness. Each year was the same two choices; either I overwork, or sleep the day away. As many prepared for a day of honor for their mothers, I…

April Monthly Devotional: Pocketful of Prophecies

Hey, friend. What have you done with the prophetic word God has spoken over your life? It’s funny; my baby niece use to stuff her cute little mouth with food and while still chewing, she would place her hand out and say “more more”. Just like my adorable neice, many of us do this same…

March Monthly Devotional: New Ways New Styles With God

“Girls it’s Time to Rise and Shine” my adopted mother would chant like a rooster crowing bright and early.  3 girls 1 bathroom and no one wants to be the first out of their warm comfy bed. The smell of bacon paired with eggs and grits motivated us just about every Sunday to get up. Putting…