Tweens & Teens Lessons I Wish I knew (PT2)

Last week, I shared with you I spoke at a young women’s empowerment. I totally ended up talking all about forgiveness and the next thing you know I’m pouring out my testimony.  I promised you I would share how it went so this post is my promised fulfilled.

Counterfeit Forgiveness & Reaching The Real (PT1)

At 13, I was sneaking into clubs pretending I was 18. 14, was filled with many pregnancies scares and back then I was completely open to the idea of abortion. ( Not today) 15, I was skipping school, and hanging out with older men.

I Burned All My Old Journals

If you a writer you may cringe at the title of this post.  No need to pray for God to revive my journals.  The burning of my journals was inspired by God. Trust me; else I would have NEVER!. With all honesty, I would have probably kept those journals forever. At first, I didn’t understand…

New Series: Purity After Sexual Abuse

  Sexual Abuse and Purity are two words we never hear in the same sentence. Back in 2017, God whispered ” Purity After Sexual Abuse”.  I wept when I heard this because I have always felt dirty and shameful for my past.  Never did I think the stains of being violated could come clean. The…