May Monthly Devotional: Unclaimed Joy

So many of us are walking around unaware of unclaimed properties we own. It could be an ancestor who left us land, or a previous job having unclaimed funding for us. Whatever it is; its something that is ours but we do not have the understanding of ownership to claim it. This happens much in…

Hating The Crime Loving The Criminal

Let’s just jump in. I dont hate Child Molesters”. Before crossing me off your favorite blogger’s list hear me out. For over 7 years I’ve searched through the Bible looking to justify my hatred for my adopted father. I challenged God on why I had to love a man who denied me of being his daughter…

Purity after Sexual Abuse

I heard the Lord whisper to me “There is Purity after Sexual abuse”. The words sparked me because I never thought I would be able to see myself as pure with such a dirty and dark past.

The Brick Of Jealousy

These last few weeks I have submerged myself in the study  of Jealousy. Cleaning out my heart I found some. And I’m happy to say God has place me in a season of being honest with myself and seeking God for help.