About G.L.T

Welcome to God’s Little Treasures Blog


I pray this blog presses me like a juicer presser sharing everything God shares with me. I declare this blog is holy spirit led and prophetic. Sharing a word only God knows people are in need of. I declare this blog travels to the hardest places to reach in the world. I declare deliverance, transformation and whatever else God plans through this blog.  

Getting To Know Me:DEAA4D07-D03E-4033-8337-5E496BC3A62A

(Disclaimer: Before you read my about me section please know I’m human  In my photos, I wear makeup. Please note although I’m joyful this is a staged smile. What I’m saying is IN NO WAY AM I PERFECT only in the image of God.  A lot of times we compare ourselves to one picture of a person or a few words on a bio.  Don’t do that here. We are all God’s Treasures.)

Back in 2015, I was a complete mess,  that is until Jesus found me. Wounded, filled with rage and living without purpose Jesus didn’t walk past me. Yet he stopped and brought me along a sweet journey of healing infused with Joy.  I’m taking you along the journey with honesty, transparency and through the ups and downs. 

Fun Facts: Out of the 50 states of the USA I have been to 24. Love trips to the library, long train rides with a good book and journal, love stationery shopping, still mail letters, I can walk on my hands and do a front flip, Hate Flies, I love writing, love thrift shopping,IMG_2169 love photographySmall town girl at heart who lives in a big city,  Giver, homebody, love brainstorming, 

Professional background: Over 12 years of children’ s Advocacy, Youth Advocate Supervisor, Majoring in Communication, Honored by the White House in 2013  as a Champion of Change, Honored as NYS  Mental Health Youth Advocate of the year in 2010

God’s Little Treasures Focus on: 

  • Healing from Childhood Trauma and becoming a healthy adult.
  • Sharing my journey of learning Jesus while reaching the Foster Care Communuty 
  • Helping churches become foster care sensitive/ friendly. 
  • Equip orphans to become daughters and sons of God.

Contact Information: Godslittletreasures27@gmail.com