Listen: I Joined Stefani Stolzfus on her Podcast Truth Chat With Moms


I’m overjoyed to share I was interviewed on the “Truth Chats with Moms” podcast by my very sweet friend Stefani. While I’m not a mom yet we both hold adoption both dear to our hearts.  We met about two years ago at bloggers conference called Declare in Texas. We instantly became friends. Although we are thousands of miles away we stay pretty connected thanks to social media.

mom-on-a-mission-bookI totally have to share with you  Stefani has a great book called “Mom on A mission” . Don’t worry. You don’t have to be a mom to read this book if anything it gave me a head start with parenting and the importance of prayer. If you would like to purchase click here .  Truth Chats with Moms is a podcast designed to bring encouragement and inspiration to moms in the middle of the everyday mess. Featuring a monthly conversation that will touch on all topics mom-related. If you would like to listen to our chat  Click here to listen.

Below are the topics we chatted about

  • How to support kids in foster care
  • How to support foster parents
  • Creating a culture of respect for birth parents
  • How Desiree found healing: what helped and what didn’t

To learn more about Walls of Home and Stephanie visit her blog Walls of Home.Com 



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