Hello Spring Reading: Decluttering Your Mind and Soul


Spring has to be my favorite season. It’s the season for jean jackets and walks to local coffee shops.  In this season, many people focus on throwing out old coaches, vintage clothes from the ’90’s and much more. However, what is overlooked often is the inner declutter we need in our minds and hearts. I’m a minimalist, but  I tend to hoard memories and experiences. Holding onto these things creates a heavyweight on the soul. As I was looking through books to see which ones I would donate (because I have a way too many), I found five books I couldn’t part with. Sharing them with you was a must; because these books impacted my life tremendously.

Someday when I’m a billionaire, I will pass out these books along with bibles of course, but until then here is the list for you. I’m learning day by day healing is something we do alongside Jesus. These books focus on moving past being a people-pleaser, building healthy relationships, approaching inner wounds and building a new mind and maintaining a transformed heart.  Let’s dive right in.

The Approval Fix by Joyce Meyer: Maybe you’re like I once was. I always believed that if you put others before yourself and neglect your needs, God would be super pleased.  This is not biblical at all. God calls us to love others as we love ourselves. People-pleaser’s tend to pour into others what they should be pouring into themselves. We believe that God calls us to give what we lack and with that action, we are doing a grand service. Yet, in reality we are dishonoring the word of God. Don’t feel bad! This is a trait that you can let go of. Along with the Bible, Joyce’s Meyer book The Approval Fix opened my heart to address the inner struggles of People-pleasing. The book is founded on Biblical principles, gives personal stories and it’s very encouraging.

Lifting The Mask by Jo Naughton: Talk about spring cleaning in the heart department. This book brought me face to face with areas of forgiveness I never addressed. Lifting off the Mask brought me to journaling due to the questions it left me asking myself.  This book hits way below the belt in healing under surface level trauma.  If you are looking for a surface level book, this isn’t it darling. However, if you are looking to finally deal with wounds which have been holding you back from true identity. This book goes great alongside the bible.

The People Factor by Van Moody: Do you say every year you’re going to let go of negative people in your life?  But then you find the same people to replace last season’s relationships? Well, then I would really suggest getting this book. We learn relationship through upbringing. If you never viewed a healthy relationship, this book teaches you everything you need to know. This book helped me realize why I was attracting toxic, co-dependent relationships and made me self analyze myself in relationships. This is a book I borrowed from the library, but I’m totally going to buy my own copy and never lend it out. This type of book belongs on the coffee table.

Supernatural Transformation Change your Heart into God’s Heart by Guillermo Maldonado: It’s time to spring clean on those generational curses and let go of the stronghold on your life.  This book walked me through prayers I would have never thought to pray to break free from bondage in my heart, mind and soul. This book is ideal for someone who feels like they can never win. If your someone who just can’t break free from temptations or still holding onto the heart issues, this book is great.  God did wonders in my heart using this book. The Bible and this book is a great combination.

Releasing your potential by Myles Munroe. Once you have done all that cleaning you’re going to have a lot of time on your hands because inner clutter takes up much space in the mind. You are going to have a lot of time walking in your purpose. This is the best book to recommend for working on your full potential. This book compliments God’s word about us doing the work he had called us to do.

If you would like to purchase any of these books just click on the title of the book. Also, you can check out your local library to see if you can borrow them or research around the internet, you may luck up and can find these books at a cheaper price.

I love you treasures, but God loves you more. Stay awesome.

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