I’m Turning 30 & Couldn’t be Happier


As a kid, I always wanted to be older.  I guess that’s why 30 is so darn exciting for me.  I knew each year would be greater.  With increasing age comes lessons, wisdom and new levels of responsibilities.  What’s even cooler is Jesus started his public ministry at the age of 30 and I believe this year I will do the same using my writing, photography, and love for the Foster Care System.  Below are some of the greatest lessons I learned so far:

30 of The Greatest Lessons learned: 

  1.  Identity: You can improve yourself but dont change who God engineered you to be
  2. Maturity: Take ownership of the responsibilities God placed before you. Dont expect others to take care of what God called you to steward
  3. Giving with Pure Intention: Blesing others is great. Make sure it’s done with balance and with the right heart. We dont give to be recognized or highlighted we give to bless
  4. Money:  Best way to manage money is to ask God his plan for your money.
  5. Be Firm: Be firm in your decision dont be wishy-washy
  6. Say what you need: Learn what you need and speak up for it
  7. Dont hold grudges: Be upfront about your emotions and confront issues instead of being fearful and holding it in
  8. Honor: Those who have invested in you no matter if they are in your life now or not speak highly of them
  9. Keep it REAL:  Lying isn’t okay tell the truth with Love
  10. Be discerning of people: When you are unsure about a person ask God.
  11. Pray: Bring everything to God
  12. Have Fun: Do other stuff besides working.
  13. Enjoy your harvest. Sow into other but sow back into yourself too
  14. When God tells you to do something do:  If  God told you to do it dont wait around waiting for 10 million people to confirm do it.
  15. Relationship:  Once we have a solid relationship with God every other relationship is easier
  16. Singlehood:  Dont waste your singleness focusing on being single. Serve God with everything. Do the things you may not be able to do with having a family and relationship.
  17. Know your worth:  Dont put yourself at the bottom of the list.
  18. Pay your tithes:  Before anything give God 10%
  19. Pay your bills: After your tithes pay your bills
  20. Buy A Planner:  Plan your weeks out and months see the difference.
  21. Build Boundaries:  Learn how to say no, not right now, yes, and what is the commitment it will take.
  22. Keep Your Heart Open: Guard your heart but always leave it open to love others.
  23. Consistency, loyalty, faith are great ingredients for a good relationship with God
  24. Be teachable:  Be open to corrections and love
  25. Challenge yourself and do a self-inventory
  26. Develop a strong prayer life:  This will help in every area of your life
  27. Take yourself out:  Dont wait for people to take you out invite yourself, take your self out
  28. Enjoy time alone:  Dont be sacred to spend time alone
  29. Dont fall into religion but in love with God:  Religion is doing Relationship being connected. Dont fall into routines but do everything with a heart to learn more about God
  30. Learn the voice of God: Learn God’s voice so you know what he is saying to you
  31. Take care of your body:  Love your body its a gift from God. Learn no ways to take care of your self. And pray over your body

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