3 Years And Counting


 Writting was a crazy way to pass time on my daily commute from Times Square to Long Island back in 2015. Never was I  one of those people who could pop open their laptop and start pecking away. Especially on the subway the E Train to be exact.  That’s how I knew  God was in the mix.  The stories pour out like a beautiful waterfall.   If I had to describe my blog I would say it’s like a tiny coffee shop unknown but the people who find have found a true treasure.  Not because of anything great I do but because of its really all God.

My blog was made with the intention of sharing things about healing no one wants to address. Talking about Foster Care, Healing from Childhood Trauma and everything in between. I asked God to use my blog to approach those who may be overlooked or travel to places that are hard to reach and so far Gods Little Treasures has traveled to:

United States,  Canada, India, Europe, Korea,  South Africa, Jamaica, Nigeria, Argentina, Honduras, Antigua & Barbuda, Singapore, Kenya, United Arab, Philippines, Malaysia, Ireland, Greece, China, Italy, Turkey, Japan, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, Bolivia, Poland, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, German Switzerland, Australia, United Kingdom.  Some of these places I would have never imagined.

This blog has brought much Joy and spiritual growth.  Here are some of the time things I have learned from blogging. If you are looking for tips on how to increase traffic this isn’t it but if you are looking for your blog to be spirit led  I believe these tips will be helpful.

  1.  Allow God to Create your Content: When God gives you the instructions things will fall into place. 5 years ago I wanted to start a blog about thrift shopping and natural hair. I had everything set nothing came about it. Because this wasn’t the will of God. This blog took off because it was aligned with God’s purpose. Let God change things up
  2. Spent time with the Creator: We dont spend time with God to gain anything. But let me tell you when you spend time with God the creator creates in you. One of my most popular posts came from spending time with God. Forgotten Tears of A Mother
  3.  Even if it hurts  to write about it go for it  Purity after Sexual Abuse.
  4.  Get over your flaws: Blogging isn’t about you being perfect its about writting what the Lord has called you to write for others. Get over not being perfect. My grammar  stinks but each time I write I get better
  5. No Feelings Required: Dont wait to feel like writting just write.
  6. Use what you got: Stop waiting until you get your own computer or until you can think of your blog title. Just start doing something you can always change things and add later.
  7. Set time aside: Create a space where you can just allow your creativity to flow. If its a coffee house go, library, closet just go there.  Start somewhere here is my first blog post ever The night God told me He LOVES ME
  8. Make Blogger friends: Meet fellow writers. It’s important to connect with people who understand the calling of writing. Because when you have a crazy idea they can support you.  Or when you just need to talk your thoughts out. Attend different events one of my greatest friends I met at a blogger conference.   Her blog is all about  Single Christian Women living intentionally and purposefully. Click here 
  9. Don’t stop writing: One of my biggest mistakes was taking a break from writing when I was growing through a hard time. Sometimes there are stories in the process. Stop thinking you have to be healed to write.
  10. Have Fun: Enjoy it

Special thank you for every reader I love you. You are treasured never forgotten. You are  loved

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