Guest On Radio Show: Spiritually Speaking

Guys, I was a guest on a radio show. I had the honor of joining Mrs. Tamala Coleman on her Radio Show called “ Spiritually Speaking”.  Mrs. Tamala is a  Mother, Wife, Minster, Author of 4 books, screenwriter and playwright. Mrs. Tamala is intentional about telling God I used everything it is you have given me. With such a warm and welcoming spirit, our conversation flowed;  I opened up about my foster care experience, relationship with my biological mother, challenges of lack of identity and of course my faith.  I  met Mrs. Tamala on Facebook where I fell in love with her vision to create a platform where people could share their testimonies.  There is power in testimony sharing. And her Radio Show streams with new testimonies Thursday’s 7pm EST and Sunday’s 9AM est on i heart radio.  I won’t keep you waiting. Enjoy  

Click here to listen to my interview.

Below are all links leading to Connectin with Mrs. Tamala.

Spiritual Speaking Radio Show : So many good shows to listen to  

Tamala’s Book Collection : She has a book called “The Woman In The Mirror” The Woman in the
Mirror chips away at the facade of femininity; the belief that a woman’s body and outward looks are more important than her character and inner beauty, when in fact, true beauty begins within and radiates outward. We can combat the world’s definition of self-image through a biblical understanding of who we really are through the eyes of God. If you are interested in adding this book to your collection hit the link below:

Tamala’s Website :  ( Click on Link) 

Follow Tamala on Facebook 

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