GLT Virtual Dinner: Making Southern Apples Excuse Free

About a year ago or maybe two I had the vision to add something cool to my blog. If you read my blog you know it is real and raw stuff.  God showed me something fun to add to the blog called  “GLT Virtual  Dinners”. I had this crazy idea you and I could have dinner talks. You know the kind of talks when the family gathers for dinner. When I was younger my family and I sat at the table but no one talked and eventually, each one of us had dinner in our own rooms.  But there is so much that can take place when people share a meal together. Guess what we are going to do that virtually.  My plan for our dinners was for me to visit various restaurants and take pictures of their food and post it as we have our dinner talks. But things got interesting when God placed the desires in me to make the meals this sounds cool right? There’s just one problem.  I have no idea how to cook.  Let me explain!

You see, growing up my adopted mother was a homemaker.  Let me stop you before you even begin to go down the list of Atlanta housewives. I said my adopted mother was a homemaker. RUN ON SENTENCE ALERT!  She was a managing checkbook, spotless cleaning, dinner on the table, husband’s dinner in the microwave because he worked late, braiding 3 tender headed girls hair, clothes folded and pressed kind of homemaker. I didn’t spend hours in the kitchen watching my mom whip up dinner.

For a long time, I was discouraged about my lack of cooking skills. Frozen foods and fast food were my life. When people asked me do I know how to cook? I always gave the excuse of not learning as a child. Don’t know why I had this perceived notion I could only learn in my childhood years. I made up my mind I wouldn’t learn to cook as an adult and was comfortable with that.  I was embarrassed many of my peers knew how to do but I didn’t. I made myself a victim and didn’t want to learn. In addition, I was scared of failing.  What if I cooked something and it was horrible?  What if I cooked something and others got sick? ( This happened guys but  that’s not the point) I had a choice to be the girl who didn’t know how to cook a victim or commit to making every experience a learning one. What can I share from this story we have to put the excuses behind us! So I have a few questions for you. What areas of your life are you making excuses? What areas are you saying I didn’t learn that as a child so I will never learn it? What are you fearful of?  No more excuses my friend.

Well, this week I made Southern Cinnamon Apples.  Can you say yummy healthy deliciousness?  I love topping this on oatmeal or eating it alone. I’m new to this cooking thing so I’m sure there are better ways to make this but this is how I did it.  You can add stuff take stuff out or just try it.  What I love is I add NO sugar.

All you need is 2 apples. Cinnamon. 1TBSP Butter.Stove or Hot skillet 

Don’t forget it doesn’t have to be perfect. 

  • Wash Apples
  • Peel
  • Cut
  • 1-2 TBSP Butter
  • Turn Skillet or Stove on Medium
  • Add Butter &  and a little Cinnamon let it melt together
  • Place Apples in Hot Pan & Sprinkle Cinnamon all over apples
  • Cover bottom of Pot with a little water
  • Cover pot with lid until water dries up and its a little sticky
  • Take lif off and  let it cook 2-4 mins
  • Push it around a little
  • Use it as a topping or eat it just like that

Step1-6Step 6 -12Apples

Thanks for reading treasures. Remember you are loved:


Set Apart

Built for this journey 


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