Top 10 Mistakes From Lack Of Identity


Heres my 10 Top mistakes from Lack of Identity.  Hope these can be helpful for you. Disclaimer: This isn’t a  been there done that “I’m perfect”  post.  This is an “I’m going through the process becoming whole in God” let me share what I’ve learned so far post

  1. People Pleasing: The only thing we receive from people pleasing is a temporary false affirmation and validation.  In order words, we get a quick fix of feeling good because we are conditionally connected with someone because of the service we did for them, not because of love. People pleasing is a game of trying to win the attention and affection of others through service.  This was never God’s way of a relationship or affirming us.  Here is how God affirms us 2 Corinthians 1:21-22   Want to read more about people pleasing check out this blog Walking Away From People Pleasing for Good
  2. Lack of Personal Conviction:  God gives everyone their own level of personal conviction because he knows us best.  When you dont know who you are you will not be able to discern God’s correction for YOUR life. An example is when I listen to secular music I get a conviction because before I was a Christian  I was deeply into secular music. And sometimes I can hear a song that reminds me of past things I dont need to remember. Or the words dont speak into my life positively. Everyone is different.
  3. Unnecessary Situations: Ever find yourself in the wrong place and wrong time? When we dont know who we are sometimes we become a “PLUS 1”  to drama, challenges we have no business in.  You become a problem solver to things God never assigned us to solve. Everyone has to go through their own process.  We steal from others when we dont allow them to go through their own experiences.
  4. Insult God: When you want to be anything but yourself we are telling God he made a mistake on us. And God makes no mistakes.
  5. Not knowing what you like: This was a big one for me.  I use to walk around in stores and look at things and say “oh so and so would love this” But I never knew what I loved. Get to know yourself. It’s important to know your dislikes and likes.  Also as children of God, he wants to know we have desires.  Want to read more about this click Moving From Behind the Shadow
  6.  Self Avoidance: Yes this is a real thing because I did it for many years.  I avoided my life by consuming my life full time into others life. I threw away everything that reminded me of myself and disconnected. It was like becoming a whole different person with a false identity.  God did not make with multiple personalities.  He called us to be one.
  7. Detour Others: We not only hurt ourselves with Lack of identity but we hurt others. Read the book of Jonah prime example.
  8. Not taking care of self:  When you dont know who you are you dont think your worthy of making sure your needs are met.  When I say self-care I really mean soul care. Taking care of your heart and mind. Getting in the word of God for yourself. Want to read more about this checkout Clinginess and Fake Id’s
  9. Wasted Money and Time:   The greatest way to waste money and time is to be consumed in things with no purpose. There is no favor and provision when we are in the wrong place. It will actually cost us more because God is not in it.  Read the book of Jonah.
  10. Wrong connections: Relationships are so important when we dont know who we are we tend to connect with the wrong people. And sometimes those relationships are detrimental. Sometimes we tend to cling to people with similar experiences because we dont know the healthy, transform, renew version of us.  Dont do this to yourself.  You are worthy of being around healthy whole people. Get out of the addiction to unhealthy relationships.  Look up Proverbs 27:17 


I pray my mistakes can help you move in wisdom. Thanks for reading treasures. Remember you are loved.

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