I’m Not Your Little Girl

One of the craftiest strategies the enemy created was trauma! It kills, steals and destroys whatever it encounters. Trauma can leave you dead on the inside while surviving on the outside.  Trauma totally stunted my maturity. There are so many of us walking around in adult bodies, but our minds are still holding teddy bears. Were longing to be loved. One thing I know for sure is the deeper we go in God the more we mature.

In all honesty, this post was inspired by having a conversation with a friend. We were talking about something ,and she said “I’m a Grown Women”  those 4 words kept replaying in my head. And they began to challenge me.  God showed me when I looked in the mirror I saw a 3ft little girl searching for love, a voice and her innocence reflecting back at me. I didn’t see a “Grown Women” . If we dont seek God for healing we will search for it in all the wrong places.  For me, I sought healing in my friendships and drained those relationships. Embarrassing but imagehere are a few examples: At 25 years old, I wanted my friends to say Goodnight to me every single night, and if they didn’t I felt unwanted. At the age of 26, I needed my friends to approve of what I wore and what I should eat. At the age of 27 , I wanted my friends to give me permission to do things. At 28, I wanted to be included in everything my friends did. And well at 29 ,I’m learning it’s my duty to take care of my body.  I share these things to show you I’m in no way perfect. I’m still in the process ,but Trauma isn’t an excuse not to go through your process. Maturity is owning what you need to work on and getting it done with God.  The biggest part of maturity is solely depending on God.

Below I wanted to share with you some wisdom I’m learning on this Journey to Adulthood:

Learn God’s Voice for yourself: Honestly, I feared to become a grown woman for the simple fact that I would have to begin to hearing God voice for myself and I have to take risks.  ( John 10:27).

 Take accountablity: Go deeper in God. Spend more time. Dissect the word!  You’re responsible for your spiritual growth. STay hunger

14478592_1775894245987145_2178221947253424128_nTake ownership:  This was one of my biggest flaws. Stop allowing people to take over your things, If  God gave you something he gave it to you to take care of. Everything is not be given away. God has great things for you. I use to give away everything wanting to be loved and liked for doing this. Some things are just for us to have from God.

Take Wisdom & Move in it:  My sister use to pour hours of wisdom into me and I would just listen I never moved in it.  I was a bad steward of wisdom. We have to learn and apply. Dont just take wisdom and waste peoples time.

Pack away the childish things:  Just because your grown doesnt mean you get to do anything you want. With the exception of having ice cream for breakfast once in a while. On a serious notes we cant do everything we use to do as a child.  Certain things we have to let go.

Stop avoiding things take them Head on:  I’m super big on letting things store up and then burst . Im learning to deal with things head on. Instead of talking behind peoples back present what you have to say before them and clear the air. Do everything with  prayer and wisdom

Love YOU: This one is still in progress for me but. Stop wanting others to love you the way you cant love yourself. You gotta love you. You gotta want the best for you. You gotta 10628197_1563491060536098_9082838927378158732_ngo through the process of learning who you are. I use to love when my friends would tell me things about myself because I never did the work to learn about me. DO THE WORK

See yourself as an adult: You have to stop seeing yourself

 Stop allowing people to treat you like a child: If you allow this you will never transfer your mindset into adulthood

Pray about Adulting:  Being an adult is not easy but pray about it. God will guide you

Stop letting people manage your responsibilities: Theres a diffrence between help and handing over your responsibilities.

One Last thing: PODCAST ALERT BELOW!!!!

If you love this topic I found an amazming Podcast by  Apostle Patty Valenzuela called ” The Ugly Middle Part 2 putting childish ways behind. Please check it out and if I were you I would subscribe. This happens to be one of my favorite Podcasters.


Here  Apostle Patty Valenzuela Website she also has a book if you would like to get it called Passionate Pursuit https://www.pattyvalenzuela.org/

As always Treasures You are loved more than you know.


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  1. I love your vulnerability in sharing your weaknesses and mistakes so that others can learn from them.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Still trying to figure out a theme of this blog. If any theme comes up when reading my blogs please let m know . Thanks so much again and I really enjoyed meeting you


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