Coming Back Home: To What Really Matters

As a young woman who is  African American I have to be honest, I’ve never jumped on the bandwagon of Black Lives Matter. I’ve come across many people who share their black power with me, But I’m more interested in the Power of Christ. You see when I read the bible I dont see colors talked about. The color most described is RED ( The BLOOD). You know the blood which was shed for you and me.   EVERYONE MATTERS is my mindset simply because that aligns with the 10349867_1525304094354795_2657661655651040516_nword of GOD. I’ve spent my entire life up until this year feeling disconnected and not apart. I will never engage in anything which excludes anyone.  And this is for any group that separates people. God made us with great purpose he made us with and with great intention. The color of our skin is just a flavor. If there is someone reading this whom battles secretly with the color of their skin I want you to know God makes no mistakes and your color was planned with purpose. You ever have an idea in your head and you know exactly how you want things and you know what you want to use them for? Well, that was God’s mindset when he created you.  Many people will disagree with my statements BUT I DONT CARE.  There is only one person’s opinion who counts and that’s Christ.

God doesn’t want us to be divided.  We cant be Christians standing on different sides.  As Christians, we have to step away from the RACE war and fight for the souls. Where does racism stem from?  HATE! Where does hate stem from? The Heart! So many people are walking around with Heart issues.  It’s beyond color.We are in a time where we have to discern whats worth fighting and advocating for.  I never talk about things like this!  But this is all God.  If we have the mindset and you can fill the blank of  ____________ Lives matter we will miss what truly matters. We have to have a  kingdom mindset.    We’re not fighting against flesh and blood but we are fighting against 10628197_1563491060536098_9082838927378158732_nprincipalities. Some of the things happening in the world are simply for us to lose focus. I feel like we need to binge on the word of God because there will be a time we cant have our bibles and we need to have the word in our hearts. If we are so focused on the worldly news we are going to miss out.. Were going to miss out on our God-given assignments.

Did you know God assign us to specific people to bring to Christ? God can use his children to stop murders,  accidents, suicides and etc. God wants to use us more than ever. But we are unarmed, unequipped which means we are unavailable.  In others words too BUSY. Busy doesn’t mean we’re doing bad things it can be binge-watching sermons, instead of spending time with God, etc. Or  Seeking prophetic words just to hear them but not move in them. We are busy in the movement which is trendy but not in GOD. Trust me I’m not sitting on top of the mountain looking down. I’m right here with you. Everything I’m writting God is ministering to my heart as well. Tears are outpouring because I remember how in love I was with Jesus. Can I be raw?  I didn’t know what LOVE was but I loved God to the ability of what I knew with all my heart.  God would talk to me. He would share intimate things with me. There were times I would ride the train and he would give me words of encouragement for the person sitting in front of me.

18646081_444050552622669_8664196663901945856_nI remember last year I was on the train and God told me to ask this young man if he sings. I thought it was weird but hey I did it. It led to a train ride of tears, prayers, and a well-needed hug from a broken young man who needed to cry and know God loves him.  Don’t lose  God chasing a movement.  Some of us God is tapping on the shoulder but we are saying God I gotta do this for you God I gotta go do that for you and God is saying, daughter, that’s not for me that’s for YOU! Once again I feel to share I’m not judging anyone God is just ministering.

Lets Pray Together:

God forgive us for seeking man’s approval and not yours. Lord, please forgive us for wanting to get to the top for the title and not for the reward in heaven.  Lord forgive us for seeking entertainment and not you. Lord, please take us back to the organic love.  God take away this FAUX love we are building. Change our hearts cleanse our hands Cleanse our brains. Lord forgive us for filling up on JUNK thinking we can survive. Lord forgive us for looking for prophetic words after prophetic words not even moving in the word you have given us.  Lord, we are sorry. Bring us back to our first love.  Bring us back to going on dates with you. Take us back to getting lost in the bible and going on journeys with you. Bring us back to you telling us jokes and entertaining us. Bring us back to you being the last person we speak to before we rest our eyes and the first when we open them. Bring us back to real love.  Bring us back to making up our own worship songs. Heal us Lord for the wounds we have created through pushing you away.


After reading this I know many of you are tired of chasing the movement your feet are sore and your wounds are open wide.  But God says come back, Daughter and Son.  He says I can fill your emptiness, I can heal your wounds and I  will strengthen you  I will give you the proper nutrients. And I will instantly fill you up on my love. 

Thank you Lord for  writting this, Thank you for ministering to my heart. Thank you, Lord, for what you are doing through this blog post.  Dad thank you I love you.

Dont forget you are not forgotten you are loved more than you know







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  1. rolerrol says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I needed to hear it.
    Bless you!


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    1. Rolain, thank you so much for reading it me. I just finished visiting your blog and enjoyed reading some great post.

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      1. rolerrol says:

        You welcome.
        Thank you so much for visiting and following. Much appreciated!


  2. @beautybeyondbones means a lot to see you reading my post thank you so much. I’m a big fan of your post and journey


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