Running Through The Fog

These last few months have been a blur.  Gulping down cups of caffeine to stay awake. Conforming to sweatpants living.  Stepping on the scale to see numbers I’ve never identified with. Beating myself up for getting a C in English followed by an F in Biology. I was too embarrassed to tell God I failed, and everything was not okay. I didn’t want God to see me in a place I felt he already took me out of.  Shame, guilt, oppression, and embarrassment overpowered me. As the new year approached and the confetti and hype buzzed away I fell into a Fog.  The season before I was running full speed into my purpose. I was so focused I felt nothing could break me.  Sometimes we get so focused on our calling we forget about the main purpose, GOD.  It wasn’t until a few days ago I 19121831_469256026749123_3949482261308506112_ngot this revelation from God.. I PRAY this can save you.  Because I didn’t lay my burden down I choose to carry them. I choose to hide them from the one person who could hold my hand and walk me through the Fog.  I couldn’t understand that sometimes we go through things not because we have failed but because we are being introduced to a new level. But no matter what our trust must be in the lord. We should never be too embarrassed to reach out to God. When I use to hear the term crying out to God I would think so religiously. However, crying out to God can be in different ways. Whether it’s sitting in silence listening to him, reading the word, worship, praising, writing to him. God just wants us to connect with him.
Here are some treasures I’ve learned in the Fog:
You don’t have to go through the Fog alone:  God is with you and for you an will never leave you.  You can find shelter in God’s Love. One thing I learned while on this journey was I never had to do it alone. I choose to do it alone.
Declaring and Proclaiming God’s Through the Fog:   No matter what it looks like on the outside we have to proclaim the word of God. We speak it into manifestation. Also, imagination is super important.  Seeing ourselves running through and overcoming is a way to stay focused and aligned. God wants us to have faith to see ourselves out of the storm before we even get out of the storm. That’s what faith is all about.19955295_248028179035396_6091039906707013632_n
 Don’t get comfortable in the Fog: As we are in the FOG if we are not careful we can begin adjusting to getting use to the Fo. We begin to take off our shoes and get comfortable. Example of this would be the second week of school I stop dressing for school. I bought two pairs of sweatpants and I would wear them Mondays and Wednesday. Some people would say there’s nothing wrong with that. But I felt like I lost the battle and begin to look defeated. Recently I listened to a song called You will Win by Jekalyn Carr at the end of her song she said you have to look like you already won. When I heard that it spoke to me.
Having a plan for when it gets foggy:  We can’t always prevent a storm. Something that stuck with me was MikeMurdock who shared having a plan in place when you feel defeated is really important. And that plan for me is reading through sermon notes, listening to worship and connecting with others.
 Staying Fit: Staying around everything that exercises your faith. Worships music, bible studies, friends, spend time with God

Thanks love for reading remember you are not forgotten you are loved way more than you know.

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  1. Sadah says:

    This is amazing.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading this Sadah truly appreciate it .


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