Becoming A Daughter ( Father Less)

Home is in my presence”  Those five words pierced my life forever.  You want to know why?  Because my entire life  I longed to feel at home.    Back in 2015, I experience a short period of instability. I had no place to live and was sleeping at friends houses and sometimes even in a car. It was really hard but in that time God molded my heart and character.  And he is still 14052620_169912656782767_6090411265228800000_nmolding it today.  Growing up I lived in a HOUSE but never a HOME.  Since I could remember I always wanted to be connected with a family and home. I use to sneak to friends houses to experience a loving environment.  I desired to experience the feeling of someone wanting me.  So when I heard the Lord say in his presence was HOME. Those words meant more than I can put into words.  When we begin to see God as our father we are HOME. And we never have to feel alone again. We will always have a place at the table.  We will never feel disengaged or disconnected.  He will never forget you. I’m not saying everything will be perfect; I’m saying even in the unperfect God will be with you and for you.  Until we seek God we will always feel alone. Until we put our trust in the lord we will always have a lack of trust.  Until we place our faith in the lord we will REMAIN stuck in the same place.  So many of us are spiritually homeless for the fact we won’t commit to making God our Father. And we are going from place to place. From thing to thing searching to be filled.  When we make God our father we have a solid foundation. God becomes our shield and refuge. We can hide in him when there is a storm.  When there is a war his army of angels makes us invisible to the darts of the enemy.

Becoming a true daughter and son requires faith and an open heart.  You know I never had a Father figure in my life.  When I would hear pastors talk about God as loving father I couldn’t understand. Being super transparent those statements made me angry. I  hated the word father.  God began to do a work in my heart like he talks about in Ezekiel 36:25-33. God gave me a new heart and in that new heart, renewed my mind as well. Also he began to place 13183343_1726624447551498_1458394528_nGodly men in my life who I  watched father their children and I was able to see what fatherhood was.  As God became my father I realize when I would make mistakes I would stray away from God. But God wants us to draw closer to him when we make mistake. He wants to support you and love you. God is truly a loving father.

Can I pray for you: I don’t know where you stand with your natural father, maybe he was there maybe he wasn’t. Maybe he hurt you badly like my father figure did. Or maybe you never met him.  Father in the name of Jesus we ask for forgiveness for our fathers. Father for they don’t truly understand the hurt they have caused. We ask that you heal any brokenness they may have experience from childhood. Father, we ask that you forgive us for everything we have harbored, everything we have kept inside of us. Holy Spirit we ask that you fill every void in us. Every empty place. Father, we declare you give us the faith and the boldness to have the revelation that you are truly our father.  Father every single tactic the enemy uses to block our father-daughter, Father-son relationship we bind it in the name of Jesus. Father, we speak sonship over our lives. In the name of Jesus, we break the orphan spirit. And Father right now we speak as Daugther and Sons. Right now we seal this relationship. We declare it will deepen day after day .. Father we declare encounters face to face with you. Father, we love you. Let our love grow deeper for you,  Father we thank you for everything in Jesus Name I pray Amen.


You’re not forgotten you are loved more than you know.




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  1. Sadah says:

    Well written.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Sadah. So happy o got to read your post about self motivation this morning . I’m so looking forward to more of your post.


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