From Unstable to Committed.

Growing up the only consistency was inconsistency life was chaotic.  I had no idea of what discipline was all I knew was conditional love and inconsistency. God always has a plan for restoration. God is always teaching things we have missed in my childhood. So if you are someone who missed out on certain things God will teach you.  I’m beyond grateful God placed a sister and aunt in my life to teach me consistency and commitment. Without the 18094867_374313156297493_5679659624039448576_nunderstanding of these two words, one can never achieve a relationship with God or fulfill their purpose. Where there is no consistency or commitment there is no foundation.

Below are some tips I’ve learned from family and friends and felt you might find helpful.

  1. Pray: All of these tips may seem simple but trust me when I say you cant do these in your own strength.  Ask God to teach you how to live a lifestyle of consistency and commitment and to break the instability and procrastinating spirit off of your life.  Don’t feel like God cant change you because you have been living your life like this for so long God is a restorer of all things.  God can reprogram your mind. Oh and ask for wisdom:)
  2. Spend Time in God:   God makes all things new and cleanses us in his word. Seek him Worship. Seek. Draw Near   Read this post Seek The Kingdom First
  3.  Create a To-do: Write down what you are going to do. sometimes it can be hard 20986637_113074919364612_751705648592322560_njuggling everything you need or want to do writing it down helps you to remember.
  4. Have an accountability partner: For some reason when we tell others we are going to do something we get down to it. It’s also great to have someone check in with you.
  5. Give yourself Grace: So you end up missing a day. You don’t have to wait until tomorrow just do it now. I use to get so discouraged if missed the scheduled time I was supposed to do something don’t worry. Just prepare your self for your next success
  6. Set your self up for Sucess:  Something  I struggled with was showering every day due to trauma. Read my story Purity after Sexual AbuseSo I would buy soaps I like and would set them up where I could see them. Also every morning I would go running so I would have to take a shower because I was so sweaty
  7. Hold someone else accountable: Help someone else reach their goal and hold them accountable.
  8.  Ask God for help:  Jesus is the best helper
  9. Don’t stop after success:  So many people make this mistake I know I have so 13167483_1729107510712069_1365542608_nmany times I reach some success get so happy I stop and then fall into the same cycle.
  10.  Thank God & Reward yourself: Reward yourself when you see progress and don’t forget to thank God. Sometimes we see progress and we try to take ownership all of the glory belongs to God.
  11.  Watch other people: Read this post Sweet Florida Lessons Two seasons ago my sister and aunt lived their lives as role models and taught step by step how to be committed to God, Relationship. Self care, goals, health. Man, they truly lived out committed and consistent lives and I’m forever grateful I have those examples to always look back at.
  12. Ignore feelings: Your feelings aren’t always going to tell you the truth. Do it even if you don’t feel like doing it.

Love you Treasures your not Forgotten

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