Clinginess and Fake Id’s

IMG_4879 (1)Before God began processing me I was extremely clingy.  If you would like to know just read my post  The Confessions Of A Needy Friend.Children are clingy because they are in need of knowing their safety, love and affection is secure. Once they are secure in these areas they begin to adventure into independence.

What do you think happens to the kids that never goes through this stage?  They become baby adults looking for love in broken places. When a person hasn’t  had love  before they will find anything that resembles it  and hold on for dear life.  In brokenness, we create unhealthy toxic relationships. We cross boundaries and abort  ordained relationships. We  stunt our own growth as-well drain the people around us.

Between you and me I’ve messed up BIG TIME in relationships because of  extremely clinginess.  It sucks ruining relationships and hurting people we love. If we don’t deal with deep wounds we will continue to destroys ourselves and live lonely. Being adopted I never found that security until God placed real people in my life.  I never been loved in such a manner I held on for dear life and I pushed people away because I relied to much. I began to place my  friends above God. In the end I  had to surrender them to God because I lost control. I share this because you may be someone who can totally relate and don’t have to surrender your relationships because you can  prevent this from happening to you.  When we are clingy we are in survival mode. We are willingly to do anything to maintain relationships. This can  include doing things you know God would disagree to. Or disregarding the instructions of God.  If we are willingly to disregard God to please man we have a really BIG issue.  God is the way the truth and the light. He is the one who will bring us security, love and affection we need. Anything outside of God’s love is temporary. Whether we care to admit it or not.  Lack of identity plays a huge factor in clinginess. When we’re ignorant of who we are in Christ we latch on to others who have solid identities. We latch on to their anointing ,blessings and try to build off their relationships. God doesn’t want us to leech on

IMG_4665anyone but into him. God wants us to latch onto his word and never let go. We can’t pretend to be someone else and try to get into the kingdom of God. Fake ID are not accepted in the kingdom of God. You can’t open the heavens using someone’s else identity. God wants to give you access of your own through relationship with him! Get your access! Cling on to God instead of others. What does that look like getting to know the voice of God for yourself. Praying , getting in the word , worship.

I love you Treasures You are loved more than you know . You are not forgotten but loved.

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  1. Chioma says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your heart on this issue. As someone who doesn’t make friends easily I have had moments where I felt I had to work hard to keep the friends I had. Not in building the friendship but more about trying to hold unto something I should have let go.

    I love how you tied this to our identity because that’s really where it starts from. May we continue to build health friendships and remember that no one can ever take God’s place.

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    1. Oh sweet Chioma, thank you for reading and sharing a part of your story I can totally relate with what you shared. It’s funny because this post turned out to be something totally different then what I had planned but that’s God for you. Can’t wait to head on over to your blog. 🙂💕


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