Moving From Behind the Shadow

Processes aren’t easy. I knew God was doing something massive when he began to pull the false identities from under me like a rug.  It started when I looked in the mirror and couldn’t identify the person who was looking back at me. I tried to play it off by saying maybe it’s the new lip gloss I was wearing but deep down inside I knew.  The distorted view in the mirror came from putting all the people I admired into one person with the goal of making an identity for myself instead of seeking 32

When we don’t know who we are in Christ it’s so easy for us to search for it in all the wrong places.  And it’s also easy for us to become others shadow. For me, I tried to fulfill this search through Friendships.  I longed for someone to affirm me, want me around, and allow me to be apart.  I became addicted to the feeling of being needed. If I admired someone who I felt knew their identity I would latch on to them and forget about my life. It was like escaping from myself. I didn’t have to come to terms with issues in my life I was avoiding.

Being consumed in other people’s lives I felt like I could experience friendships, relationships I never thought I could have on my own. Go places, and especially have a deep relationship with God.  I was under the impression if I  associated with someone great I could have great. This is totally wrong and it’s deceptive. If we’re really getting real its manipulation because we are using a person for their identity and benefits. At the time I didn’t know but now I do. So I can do better.  God doesn’t condemn us he convicts us. So you and I don’t have to feel bad.

Different ways to know if you are living in the shadow of others:

  1. You want to know everything about the person and want to be apart of every life event. You know whats going on in their life and don’t know whats going on in your own life.
  2. You neglect your self-care, responsibilities, purpose, calling, family, friends, etc
  3. You don’t care to hear God confirming things as long as the person you are obsessed with gives you approval or disapproval you’re okay.
  4.  You don’t take any action on anything until this person thinks its a great idea.
  5. You stay connected with a person no matter how they treat you because you feel important and have a sense of purpose when you’re around them.
  6. Your like a clone of the person
  7. Without them, you  have no life, no friends,
  8. You try to solve all their problems as if they are yours ( You steal from that person because God can us trouble to mold character.
  9. It’s like you are one person with the person who doesn’t have your own identity you don’t think your self. Whatever they say goes its like two people one brain.
  10. You make decisions based all on them
  11. You forget what you stand for, you place your dreams on hold your calling your purpose
  12. Your willingly to be in the wrong place at the wrong time as long as your with them
  13. Whatever you do it’s with the thought and hopes they will like it
  14. You walk into a store and you know everything the person would love but you have no clue what you would like. You don’t even know your interest.
  15. You get excited and you can see great things in their life but you can’t see anything great in your life.
  16. You believe they can have a relationship with God but your not good enough.
  17. It may sound like a joke but you even walk behind them or if you are nervous you stand behind them.

Can you relate to some of these friend?


SET FREEIf you can identify with some of these its okay. God wants you to surrender. The empty void doesn’t get filled until we stop idolizing man and fall in love with JESUS.   We must Fall at Jesus’ feet and pour out our heart to him. Allowing him to heal you, finding scriptures and promises and declaring them over our lives. Hiding behind people is not a safeguard or place you can grow it’s just a place we build fungus  Hiding behind people only hinders us.  Don’t allow the enemy anymore to steal from you.


Let’s pray together.

Father, I thank you for my friend’s life reading this. I thank you for the breakthrough that is taking place. I thank you, Lord, for how you are returning us back to our original intent. I renounce the orphan spirit in the name of Jesus. I break every single spirit that has come alongside the orphan spirit. I bind every generational curse, stronghold spoken over you that you are not a child of God. I break every single soul tie with lack of identity. In the name of Jesus, we break every single false identity in the name of JESUS. We speak victory in the name of Jesus. We declare we will know whose we are and who we are in Christ. I declare generations to come will walk bolding knowing who they are in Christ. Father, I declare boldness in the name of Jesus. For us to walk in our true identity.Father, I thank you in Jesus name Amen


Thanks for reading treasure, I want you to know you are loved more than you know.







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