My Love Awaits You

I started writing this post back in August and felt inspired to name it ” Get Your Own Love” but as I complete this post I heard the lord whisper ” My Love Awaits You”.So many of us are among God but we don’t  know him intimately. God has a special package of LOVE waiting for each of us. Many of us are unaware this package exists for the simple fact we are trying to open others packages.

God asked me a question a few weeks back. Are you in love with me?  Or are you in love with the Idea of me? 


This question blew my mind.  If we’re not careful we can fall in love with the idea of God and not actually him. What does it look to be in love with the idea of God? It looks like being around people who love God but you spend no time alone with him.   God doesn’t want to get to know us in a crowd he wants to know us personally and he wants us to know him on a one to one level.  God doesn’t want to love you through a middleman but he wants to have you alone. I remember one time a friend ask me to pray for her I heard the Lord say to me no MIDDLE man and I realize he needed her to spend time with him.


When we try to follow someone else’s style of building a relationship with God we miss out on so much.  We have to fall out of love with the idea of Jesus and in love with Jesus. The imagemore we build our relationship with God personally we learn the voice of Jesus. There is a scripture that Jesus says my sheep know my voice. We can only know Gods voice if we are spending time. When you have spent enough time with someone they know your voice without seeing your face. This is the way we must get with God. Wow God is ministering to me as I write this to you.

We must stop comparing our relationship because it delays us from getting to know God.A relationship with God looks different for each person. When I was getting to know God I would take him to the park with me, and I would bring my camera and we would talk and take pictures. We would dive into the bible and find scriptures which went along with the photos. God and I would do this for hours and weekends. It was so much, to be super honest with you I miss those days and I’m going back to them. I got so IMG_2169wrapped up and what I thought my relationship should look like  I begin to lose sight.  Another way I would have fun is making songs which I bet made God laugh because they were such horrible songs.

Another point to make is we cant get lost in busyness. Two bible verse that stuck with me from the story of Martha and Mary. When Martha heard Jesus was coming in the book of John she went to meet him. Mary sat still in the house and then a few verse later Martha told Mary The master is coming and he called for you. She quickly arose and went unto him.  So many of us are running all around thinking we are making Jesus happy because we are doing this and we’re doing. In reality were just upkeeping social activities not a relationship with God.  I’m learning more and more to be still.

Love you all Treasures, Remember you are never forgotten or forsaken.



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  1. Wonderfully written! Yes, wether we are at the park, in the car, walking through the grocery store, no matter where we are God is with us – so grow that personal relationship! There’s so much truth in your writing, and I agree, we must know His voice!


  2. Great post. It’s so easy to get taken up with the doing, instead of the being.

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    1. Helena hello friend 🙂

      I LOVE your blog. Reading your blog feels like I’m sitting having coffee with you. Thank you so much for taking the time and reading this post. As I was writing it I felt God ministering to me about slowing down


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