Sweet Florida Lessons

I’ve traveled to over 25 states in America, some of the most life changing lessons I learned were in good old  Sunshine State Florida.  In my post Sweet Encounter with FREEDOM  I shared about my experience at King Jesus Miami. But in this post I want to share about lessons I learned from my sister while in Florida. 

These lessons  I’m going to share with you have played a huge role in building my foundation.  Even when I fall these lessons help me to get back up. You will 10371625_1544172815801256_3503621529059711945_nhear me say my sister a lot in the post well because she gifted me with these tools I’m going to share with you.

No particular order:

Sow  when your in need: Times we didn’t have much funds she taught me to sow into the kingdom and into the lives of those in need. God honors true sacrifice.  A sacrifice is when we give something we find a great value in. My sister also taught me never give something away you find no value in.

Morning Prayer: There were times my sister  and I didn’t get much sleep but best believe when the 4:30am alarm went off we were up and ready to go to morning prayer. Honestly sometimes I was so tired I didn’t want to go. A lot of my encounters with God were in 5am prayer.  I’m a firm believer in getting up early and seeking the 11109313_1654340571451146_1152077395946457953_olord. I learned in those moments the importance of prayer and seeking God. I always came out of morning prayer full of energy and ready to take on the day because  God renews our strength.

Staying Connected:  My sister taught me no matter what stay connected in church, stay connected in worship, prayer and fellowship and of course the word of God. Staying connected is the main key to pressing through.

Serving in the storm:  Even during tough storms my sister taught me to serve the lord and to serve in the kingdom. This kept us connected with God and connected with others who love God.  My sister taught me you don’t stop serving God just because your going through something  if anything you serve him more during those challenges.

Fellowship:  Even if it was something as small as getting  ice cream stay around people who are on fire for God and talk with them.

Staying focus on the dream: 

For my sister she knew why the lord placed her in another state I didn’t know that but something she did when times got hard was remember the 11374583_848623808564943_81302918_nvision the lord  gave her and the promises he spoke over her life. Sometime when things get hard we forget what God told us. This is the time we really most remember what the lord has said.

Understanding the Purpose of Challenges: If you never go through anything hard how will you  face the hard times that are coming. Dr Myles Munroe has taught  challenges are opportunities . If you begin to see it like that how you handle hard times will have a whole different perspective.  I am becoming who I was always meant to be because of how God used my trials, struggles, heart breaks to build my foundation.  I’m not perfect and God is still doing work.  We have to go through things.  Without challenges you wont really understand what Perseverance is endurance and sacrifice.

The law of Accumulation:  I learned this from Uncle Apostle Renny McLean.  The time we spend in God is not always for the current moment we are in sometimes its things we will encounter later on. Kind of like squirrels  looking for acorns to eat for later. Don’t just FullSizeRender.jpgseeking the word of God for the place your are in but where God is taking you.

Write out your goals and speak it: My sister was very big on this. Whatever she wanted she spoke it into being and visualized it and sometimes shared with others. Also she spoke the promises of God over her life. I saw first hand God answering those prayers and desires. We have to speak, write , and see.




Thanks for reading Treasures , remember you are love your not forgotten. What are some lessons you have learned you want to share.






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