The Season Before The Next Season…

I don’t know about you but I love going to IKEA. I can spend the whole day there and not get bored. Browsing through showrooms getting lost in all the design layouts and ideas is my happy place.  There is one thing about IKEA I don’t favor. The part when I get home, open the box to find instructions and a million pieces.  I have to be honest on this one but my inspiration seems to fade when  I’m left with the mission of putting everything together.

Sometimes when we enter a new season we get so excited but when the work of a new season unveils its self we begin to lose inspiration.  Yes, I’m talking to myself in this post.   A few months ago I entered into a very exciting new season. And I’m actually even in a newer season now in my life haha the power of acceleration. As many of you know if you read my bio you know my love and compassion for young people in the foster care system and orphans. The Lord gave me a position where I help place kids in care into families. I was beyond excited I called my sister and we rejoiced together she ended our conversation with some wisdom. She said  Excitement isn’t enough for a new season. I didn’t understand her statement until a few months later when the excitement wore off. I believe every season teaches a new level of sacrifice because when the excitement wears off is when we are truly sacrificing.

If we’re not careful we can see ourselves as a house guest instead of a laborer in our new season.  Being a house guest can open the doors to the enemy 10706722_1643298689246847_1744824162_nbecause you are not vigilant. The Lord tells us to Keep alert at all times. And pray that you might be strong enough to escape these coming horrors and stand before the Son of Man.”NLT . We can’t let our guard down because something is new and exciting. A few months into the job I began to break down and pick up old habits. I was working like a robot.  Sleep. Eat. Work and spend no time with God leaving me empty and drained.   We are of no value to people when we are not refilling on Gods word. It wasn’t until I fell on my and face cried out for a word of encouragement. God began to remind me of the things he taught me during our quiet moments in my previous seasons.

Something God brought back to my memory something Dr. Myles Munroe said was “Don’t forget what you learned in the light when you are in the dark”   11374583_848623808564943_81302918_nThis brings me to why it’s so important to spend time with God daily.  Another thing I learned from Apostle Renny Mclean was about the power of accumulation. Your prayers, fasting, worship, fellowship isn’t just for the very moment you read it but sometimes God saves those words and reminds you when you are having a hard time or you just need a revelation.  I’m a big a believer of taking notes. I love looking through my journals and browsing through all the wisdom, encouragement, promising because it helps so much.


The key to preparation to a new season is Prayer, Fasting, Serving God, fellowship, quiet time with God.  And not throwing away what you have learned in past seasons. Keep filling up your journal and heart with God words it won’t fail you.


I love you treasures, your are not forgotten but loved

Sincerely Desiree





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  1. Kind of like going back to the basics – and staying there….


    1. thank you for reading. It’s important for us to remember the basics of God sometimes we forget with taking care of everything else. Great point


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