The Messy Process (unedited wounds and all)

At the end of the day when everything fades away your left to see the problem wasn’t anyone or anything but everything inside. The battles you fought and thought you won weren’t won they were just covered with distractions and tasks. All that busyness didn’t even count to the lord it was all for the flesh and those around you. For others to think your the best when in reality your life is a mess. This false identity you wear is like an extra layer of makeup with concealer hiding every impurity with a hint of pink blush or should I just say deception.

You’re carrying around this designer purse filled with hopes and dreams of living out someone else life because you feel your life will never make the cut if people knew your real thoughts and desires.  You’ve become a slave to the word yes because there’s no rejection attached so you’ve become the pleaser of people instead of God. Where is God in all this mess?  That’s a great question! You say angrily! God is in the same place you left him with arms wide open? With a heart grieving for his child. As much as you think your hurting he is hurting 10 times more.  God is waiting for you well I should say US because behind this plastered smile I’m broken inside, hurting with deep wounds. Wounds of deep pains. As I pour out my heart I’m reminded of The father’s love. God’s love comes with no chains, no oppression, no deceptions just pureness. God how do I get to your love do I run miles and miles, do I find it in the river, do I find it in the highest mountain but then I heard a sweet whisper give it all to me. Just lay everything down, unload the pain, tell me it all, I’ll trade your hurt and pain and give you rest. Daughter, I have all that you need.  Come rest in me.


Good Night Treasures

Rest on and In this scripture Matthew 11:28 talks all about giving all your burdens to the lord and he will give you rest. During my hard moments, God has given me this scripture. Stick through the process God loves you and will guide you

Sincerely Des

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