The Journey of NO!

My two-year-old niece began learning the word “NO” and using it firmly. They say practice makes perfect well, my niece has a full understanding of the word and the different styles of using it. As I watch her march around the house using her new favorite imageword I began the journey of finding  ” NO” myself.  She challenged me to begin to evaluate my life and see where I’m lacking the word No. The word No is not always easy because it challenges, corrects, and sometimes can lead to rejection. Many people fail to realize using the word NO can empower you and take you to a whole another level.

It’s funny six months ago I was going to name this post ” Burnt Out” because I was at a low point spiritually, mentally and physically. I was drained from the many different things I was involved in and I was going to talk about different ways to not become spiritually or physically burnt out but as I’m writing this God showed me it’s deeper. God took me on a journey and begin to show me the root of being burnt out. And it had nothing to do with doing 10 million things but it had everything to do with “People Pleasing”.  When we don’t say No to the things we should we become burnt out because God will not give you the strength to do things outside of his will.  In the bible, the disciples didn’t drive around to their assignments they walked miles and got the job done. Where did their strength come from? The lord because they were aligned and doing things according to God his will.  A lot of times we are saying yes to things God never asked us to do and we want to be refilled of strength to do even more outside of his will. God’s not about that. Usually when I’m doing too much and it has nothing to do with God I become grumpy, tired and hard to be around. But when I’m in God’s purpose there is a strength that I can’t begin to describe.  Before you continue reading you need to ask yourself Am I doing anything outside of God’s will. Let me make this clear just because you are doing a good thing doesn’t mean its God’s will.

When we say Yes to things we really have a No in our hearts for its Idolatry because we want to please a person or a thing other than God. Pleasing God is and should be our only priority, sometimes it’s not and we don’t even know it. People please is overlooked because people assume they just want to make everyone happy.  Well, making everyone happy is a big problem. Because sometimes there will be opposition, sometimes we will disagree sometimes we won’t be able to do things. I’m sharing this because I know I’m not the only one who’s heart would once begin to race rapidly when I have to say no. I use to do my best to become content with whatever decision people made so I wouldn’t have to say NO.

Below I will be sharing some treasures  God has taught me around this topic:

If your heart is not in something chances are you shouldn’t be doing it. If you wanted to say no and you say yes, God is not honored nor pleased no matter how great the deed. In Matthew 5:37 God makes it clear let your yes be yes and you’re no be no. I’ve been guilty of doing this out of fear and obligation. God is not pleased I REPEAT. The lord also shared with me that it’s okay for us to take care of ourselves.  A lot of us are saying YES to others but NO to ourselves.  God has no favorite and every promise he has for the next person he has the same for you. Stop overlooking yourself. Start taking care of yourself.  Something that has helped me start saying yes to me is treating myself the way I would treat others. I use to have the habit of buying others nice things but when I bought things for myself I would purchase the cheapest thing and debate if I needed it. This is a process because some of us think we are unworthy of having great things and I’m one of those people but God is doing a work in me. I dare you to treat yourself and remember to have a balance with that.

Sometimes we say yes to everything because we don’t want to face our responsibilities so we get so consumed in others lives so we don’t have to deal with OUR PROCESS. We have to stop running because all running does it waste time. Your process will be waiting for you. Start running to the things of God that pertain to your life.

Sometimes were helping me 32others reach their goals and we are sitting on a load of our own unmet goals.  How can we empower others when there is no action in our lives. Teaching comes from living. You can’t teach what you don’t live. STEP UP. Ask yourself these questions.  Are you fearful of people rejecting you? Are you scared to say no when you know the answer should be NO? Do you say yes just out of obligation? Are you fearful to take time out for yourself?

This post isn’t to have all the answers. It’s for you to know your not alone and these are struggles many people are facing. I want to inspire you to seek God and get into his word. Because the more you search God the more you will find his love. And when you fall in love with him you will begin to fall in love with the treasure he created you to be.   You will learn things about yourself you never imagined. You’re a treasure worth shining.  Evaluate yourself.

Seek God Treasures,

I Love You but God’s love is greater.

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