Yea, So I met this Guy

I didn’t plan on staying late for work, but it happened. This left me running to the bus out of breath like a crazy girl, I found a seat looked up and there he was.

The man God would use to have me singing a song of joy all the way home.  It’s so funny how God uses people to teach us the most beautiful things in life. Short gray hair, eyes filled with concern, and a proud veteran of the United States there he was. As this man got on the bus he caught my attention. Not sure if it was his loud conversation about losing his wallet and being thankful someone brought it back leaving the 6 bucks he left in it. Or maybe it was his kindness of greeting everyone and saying God bless you as they left the bus.  Something told me he had a need only the lord could fill.  I felt a tug on my heart that the lord might use me.  I begin to ask the lord to open a door for me to speak to this man. So I begin to read my book yes I’m going to do a shameless plug because this book has really transformed my life and it’s my spiritual father. downloadSo if you need a  really good book to read and want your heart to be transformed this book is a must to get.

 ” Supernatural Transformation Change your Heat into God’s Heart by  Guillermo Maldonado. 

Back to the point, I was finishing a chapter about the transformation of the mind and there was a prayer and impartation of healing for mental disorders. I took the prayer by faith for myself and to heal others.  The lord is pretty funny, I close the book took a break and the guy was still on the bus. I smiled at him and look away.  He asks me if I’m a born again believer and I said “YES” he said every since you got on this bus I saw your heart and you’re a good person.  He told me the lord told me I would be a great wife for him ( I know he hit me with one of those lines) but what he says after is what God needed me to hear. He shared he was an alcoholic for years and changed his life around and his daughters don’t want anything to do with him still.  He also shared he was Bi-Polar. I must be transparent with you guys. When we reached the bus terminal, I imagegot up and said the most religious thing ever.  Are you ready for this I said ” God is going to heal your family Good night”  As I got off the bus the lord begin to deal with my heart and I turned around.  I caught up with him and I asked him if I could pray for him. He began to tear up and said yes.  As I prayed for him in Jesus name I felt so much release from him it was beautiful. I bind that demonic spirit of Bi- Polar and declare forgiveness and peace over his life and acceleration over every stagnant thing.   And declared restoration in his family and forgiveness and just ask the lord for divine protection and for him to be filled with God’s love. He looked me in the eyes with tears and said ” I’m healed and then he looked at me shocked because he shared he never said  out loud before he was healed and that he felt so much better” He took what God had for him by faith.  As I prayed for him I felt the lord releasing me from fear of man and imparting boldness in me.  When I prayed I didn’t pray in my strength but in the  Jesus.  As much as God poured into this man he poured into me. I have been going through so much and God used me while in a mess. That really broke me to pieces.

I walk away with so many lessons from this experience wanted to share them with you:

  1. God is REAL and his healing is real too. Its not just something for the past but it is for the now. And he has given us the power to be his instrument.
  2.  Hurting people needs are deeper than food, clothes, money they need the living God. The God that heals that is a loving father, advocate, comforter
  3. Stay away from just telling people things will get better GOD IS MOVING NOW!!
  4. Be available sometimes we are so consumed in self we are blind to the people that are hurting right in front of us. Get off the phone take the headphones  off
  5. Don’t be afraid to talk to people if God tells you to. Know God he will keep you safe
  6. God can use you even in your mess. Even in our brokenness God heals

So grateful God gave me this opportunity because it increased my faith to a whole new level. I dare you treasures to tell God “use me I’m available”





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