A Mother’s Prayer for the Motherless

So many times I’ve heard the statement ” I’m a product of my mother’s prayers” as people have shared their testimonies . I’ve always wondered as a young person in foster care,if I would be the  product of the lack of my mother’s prayers.  But as I go deeper in God I’ve learned two important things. The first would be God is always interceding for us (Romans 8:34)  and the second is the lord has people praying from all different parts of the world for us.   You ever just walk past someone and you don’t know them but you can feel their burden and you begin to pray for them?  God does the same on our  behalf too.   No one is ever forgotten in the kingdom of God.I’m so honored to say I’m a product of prayers from   nations of obedient  people of God.   When I was in Foster Care I felt so empty and believed all the lies the enemy told me. I lived in torment  but God didn’t leave me there ,it was only by the power of  prayer I was pulled me out of  darkness.

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God inspired me through this post to encourage you to pray for children who are motherless and fatherless . I know I started this off talking about mother’s prayers but fathers  prayers are just as important. We need everyone at the table.

I’m sure there  are many people who may say how can I pray for a child I never  met?  I don’t even know their name.  God knows their name by heart and you don’t need to know . Just  pray for them like you would pray for you friend, your child, your sister , or your brother with the same  love .  Cry out for them .Below is just an example of how you can pray for them . And I also listed 32 topics  you can prayer for them .  I just want to thank you in advance for praying for these children.

This is just an example of a prayer 

Father in the name of Jesus I ask you to show me,  how I can pray for orphans,  lead me lord. Father, in the name of Jesus I declare you cover this child with your precious blood. Father,I rebuke every single stronghold or tactic of the enemy. Father, I speak life over this child. I declare you provide their natural  and spiritual needs. Father, I declare you fill their hearts with your love and joy. Father, I bind the spirit of anxiety, confusion,bitterness, self-destruction,  and declare peace. Father, I delcare safety every  place their feet touch . Father, I bind generational curses which create bondage . Father, I declare forgiveness over them. Father, I delcare renuincation in their families. Father any  child that will not be reunited with family are placed in loving forever families.  Father, I declare your supernatural  love over them. In the name of Jesus, I pray amen.

Different things to pray for 

  1. Build Relationship with Jesus  ( Learn about the fathers Love)
  2. Pray for a sound mind ( Children in foster care sometimes can have a lot of anxiety around unexpected change, family, school, etc)
  3. Pray for stability + Permanency ( A lot of kids in care go from home to home )
  4. Pray against  child abuse
  5. Pray for love based relationships
  6. Siblings stay connected  ( Many times siblings are separated)
  7.  Good Social workers
  8. Good judges
  9. Feel love + appreciated + honored
  10. Treated as part of  family
  11. Get adopted naturally and spirtually
  12. Reconnect with family + Rebuild relationships
  13. Healing from Trauma
  14. Restoration within self
  15. Learn their true identity in God
  16. The ability to follow their dreams
  17. Age out of foster care with a family and housing
  18. Bank account ( Supernatural filling )
  19. Healthy bodies + Healthy Teeth
  20. Divine protection
  21. pray against attacks of the enemy
  22. Close doors of child trafficking and sex trafficking
  23. Mentors
  24.  Ordained Friendships
  25. Respect for self and others
  26. Special days of their lives to be honored ( Birthday, graduation, achievement)
  27. People to advocate for children
  28. Forgiveness for self ( if needed ) and for others
  29.  Set free from rejections abandonment , orphans spirit , depression,suicide , homosexuality , loneliness , anger , bitterness, insanity ,
  30. Strength + Perseverance  endurance
  31. The church to teach about sonship & adoption & deliverance
  32. Church  makes orphans feel welcomed and helps with their needs
Whatever your gift is you can help orphans and young people in foster care . Will you ? Can you pray for them daily

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