Start a Fire Keep it Going

Sometimes we are doing so good and then we have one thought that finds its way into our mind and we are slowing down from the race. Then before we know  it we’re at a full stop. We loose interest in being  around  people we were once in the race with. Our conversations begin to dull down  about God and before we know it we’re isolated in a room filled with inner thoughts. We close the door and allow the atmosphere of destruction to fill us.Then we begin to wonder just how did we get here and how in the world do we get out. I’ve been there before.

Our mind is like a war. Sometimes  some thoughts are shot and some find a hiding place. We have to be in a place where we become soldiers in this war and tear the thoughts down before they tear us down.

I’m writing this all from experience. January was a beautiful month for me because I was fully submerged in the word of God. I woke up to worship music, Got up to pray and spend time with God, traveled reading and listening to sermons and coming from work studying scriptures and then off to bed  singing along with my worship playlist. Some would  say this is a bit fanatic but can I say when I sleep eat God I’m  in such a great place spiritually.   I don’t know what works for you but when I begin to run empty and I don’t seek God to refill me I begin to slow down in the race. I begin to start looking around and take my eyes off the prize. I begin to question the race I’m running and then I feel my feet coming to a stop.  And before you know it  I begin to allow my mind to just wander . And I don’t cast down those thoughts of bitterness, sadness and then they become strongholds. Whatever keeps you current with God. I encourage you to keep going. Keep pressing forward.

Here are some little treasures I’ve learned along the way

  1. Be aggressive create your atmosphere:  I didn’t know this but we have the power to create the atmosphere. I always use to think if I walked into a room and everyone was sad then I had to be sad too. We are to create the atmosphere of what we would want to be around.
  2. Take care of your body:  Everyone Body is different but when I have loads of sugar it makes me very tired and emotionally unstable . So guess what no sweets no coffee with sugar
  3. SAY IT OUT LOUD: I notice when I speak things out it happens . For weeks I had trouble waking up in the morning early to pray. The night before I would say I’m waking up  at 6am and that programmed my mind that we need to be up and ready out the bed by then.
  4. Fellowship with others. Be around people who love the lord. Isolation is the main ingredient for the devil to play with your mind.

When getting back on track keep in mind these treasures ….

  1. No commendation : Yes you made a mistake get back on the horse. Don’t beat yourself up
  2. Acknowledge your sin and confess it .Abba ( Which is father )  I sin I stop putting you first  I put my emotions first, I stop spending time with you, I had impure thoughts  Be Real with yourself. And then receive your forgiveness no dwelling.
  3. Ask God where did you start to slip. Its important to know because you need to learn your patterns. So you can break them
  4. Prayer : Talk to God you can tell him anything and he will guide you on what you should do
  5. Be quiet: In prayer you don’t do all the talking allow God to speak to you. Learn how God speaks to you. Everyone is different. Someopopwle hear Godt through great ideas that are so great they know it was them.
  6. Sharing with close friends . the word says when to or more is gathered. there is power.
  7. worship pure worship
  8. Consistency is key set aside a committed time to God.

Keeping the fire . Staying on fire.

I just want to express to you the love of the lord. God brought me out of this. He is truly amazing. He doesn’t care about how deep you are he will pull you from out the darkness if you call on him. He will be your comfort He will fill you with his supernatural love. Sometimes we fall when we are right at the next step of our breakthrough.



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