Chit Chat about Fearing the Lord

At the age of 5,I had a clear understanding of the definition of fear . As I write this I start to think should I even be sharing this with  you guys, but I know it will help someone. Fear was something that played a huge part in my childhood development. It stole my voice to speak, freedom, and much more. Fear was being terrified of my parents to be a child and mistake or to just express myself. I grew up with the mentality of always trying to be “perfect”.  Mistakes and flaws resulted in painful beatings, hurtful words, and Lack of self-esteem . As I got older and started to explore God I would come across scriptures like  Psalm 147:11The LORD favors those who fear Him, Those who wait for His lovingkindness.  I would get so confused. At the time I would just read the bible and I wouldn’t ask questions I would  read with my own understanding which can be pretty dangerous.  This can be dangerous because sometimes our hearts and mind have been so distorted that we read the bible from our own perspectives and misinterpret what God is saying.

When I read about fearing the lord all I could envision was someone similar to my parents.For a long time, I didn’t share that with people.God has a funny way of helping us. One day my sister and I were having a conversation and she said out of nowhere You know fearing God is not about being scared of him it’s about honoring and respecting him. And she begins to really just go into sharing about God and I was truly blessed. I want to share with you when you start reading the bible pray for the lord to give you supernatural understanding . And no one is perfect sometimes we will read things wrong just by ignorance but God knows our heart and will help us get the right understanding because he loves us. Also, you don’t have to do this walk alone. Pray for the lord to place people around you who love the lord.

Fearing the lord is so rewarding it’s about knowing him and following his ways regardless of who is looking or not. There so many great things about fearing the lord and this post is really to give you the desire to want to learn more about fearing the lord.




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