Beyond the Catchy Tune


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The song Greater by Mercy Me  I discovered  on dirty roads, large cups of coffee and driving the southwest with my mission travel buddy .  No matter where we traveled we always were able to get enough signal to pick up the Christian radio station K Love ( that was all God).  “Greater” would always find its way through our speakers and into our ears. It became pretty much the car sing along. When the song started no matter what we were going through for the next 4 minutes and 5 seconds it didn’t matter.

I’ve  listened to this song over the course of 5 months  about 100 times in 2014. It wasn’t until 2016 I HEARD the lyrics of what I had been singing . I didn’t realize what I was singing had so much power. The song is not only a catchy tune it talks about  so much. It’s totally a song you could sing over your life every day. 

” I hear a voice and he calls me redeem when others say I’ll never be enough , Greater is the one living inside of me than he who is living in the world”

Hearing Mercy Me~Greater I received these treasures:

Hearing God’s Voice:  When satan is placing inner thoughts in your mind you must remind yourself you redeem those thoughts aren’t yours. Redeem means you don’t have to explain your past. You don’t have to try to repay anything. Everything is taken care of.

Refreshing / Encourage Yourself: Guys I really encourage you to take it a step further and not just listen to the song but hear it. Not just hear the words but look up the lyrics. This entire song is about the worshipper reminding himself of what the word of God says. Its so beautiful because I just realized that myself as  I’m sharing with you. Thank you, Holy Spirt.  Stop waiting for people to encourage you. ” I hear a voice and he calls me redeem”. The only way we are going to hear God’s voice is by staying in the word of God.

Honest/ Vulnerable:  ” TheThere’ll be days I lose the battle Grace says that it doesn’t matter Cause the cross already won the war”   I love this lyric because there are going to be some days we lose the battle but God favor is upon us even when we make mistakes. We are so undeserving but he still love us unconditionally.  I love  how open and honest the worshipper says every day I’m not going to make the right choices but my father covers me and still supports me loves me guides me. 

How he sees me:  The freedom of having a full understanding of how the father sees us. When we know who we are and how God sees us in his eyes we don’t have to live up to anyone expectation or try to be anything we are not. .And this is something I’m still learning and receiving each day.

Worship Music: Worship music is simply to honor God and to soak in his presence. To fill up and encourage us. Sometimes we get lost in the catchy tune and not what the lord whats us to know through this song. And as you can see I got a little carried away with the catchy tune and not the revelation until about 2 years later. Dont let that happen to you.

However after listening to a song for 5 months in 2014 and then hearing each word in 2016 I learned  there is a difference between hearing and  listening. Listening is the sound but hearing is understanding and taking heed.  Sometimes we listen to the word of God but we don’t take heed and hear the word.  I learned last Friday at youth service when we hear the voice of God we must make the decision to obey.Worship Music was never intended to entertain. Worship music is simple to honor God and to soak in his presence. To fill up and encourage us. When I was on the road I was entertained but when I understood the words I  to worship with this song. Worship is also a tool to minister.


Check out the song and read the lyrics




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