Seek The Kingdom First

I automatically joined the statics of people commuting with blasting music in their headphones when I started working in the city . It just made time go by fast and I truly enjoy listening to my music. Honestly it gave me something to do, and allowed me to tune out some of the craziness  on the trains.  For a while I didn’t see anything wrong with, in fact watching everyone on the train it seemed like the normal thing to do. However as God begin to teach me about being a good steward of my time, I started to evaluate how I was using my time.   God grants us all with 168 hours a week. I decided I would use my time better.Listening to music just didn’t cut it for me anymore.  I was just entertaining my flesh while my soul long to be fed.

God begin to show me areas of my life I could spend learning more about through studying 11374583_848623808564943_81302918_nthe bible more and studying books.  My youth pastor said  this last Friday and it resonated with me ” The devil attacks us in places where we lack knowledge” God says for his people perish because of lack of knowledge. We must educate ourselves in the word.  I want to be transparent with you, one area I’m attacked a lot in is my emotions and mind. I’m attacked there because I lack knowledge, so I study a lot on the mind. A lot of people are willingly to perish because they don’t want to make the commitment to learn. Learning takes time, effort and of course self discipline.  I just want to make this very clear there’s nothing wrong with listening to music, BUT we have to move from just entertainment. Worship music was never meant for entertainment or to make the time or go by . The world uses music to entertain. Worship music was created to honor God and to encourage us. Getting back on track we have to be willingly to turn off the music and become students. We have to get serious about spending time in the word.

Another moment of being super transparent.  I use to think listening to worship  music was all the time I needed with God. I would sing  songs for an hour and feel so good about myself .  In reality I was listening to how someone else spend time with God and created a song. I don’t think people realize worship songs are birthed out of someone time spend alone with God.You must put in your own time with God to learn to receive what he wants you to know and learn.  You may learn from these things but you need to seek what God has personally for you. I’m overjoyed your reading my post but if you haven’t seek God first you shouldn’t  be reading this yet. This post your reading is from me spending time with Jesus. Closing the doors turning off the phone, waking up at 5am seeking his  face and laying out in his presence. I love music, devotionals and everything else but first I spend time with God.

I challenge you to spend more time with God instead of just putting on headphones. Your life will not be the same. You will be transformed.

Hope you enjoyed this post  Treasures . See you next week.










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