Placed In The River ……

I was a little discouraged as I started to write this post because I read a blog  about how  Moses story had nothing to do with adoption. And here I am about to write a whole post  about Moses and adoption.  At first, I was second guessing writing but God encouraged me to  write my post  with BOLDNESS. So here I am 🙂

Being a person who was adopted God used the story of Moses to really open my eyes to see a whole new world. It gave me a different love and appreciation  for my birth parents. Many people who are adopted  like myself have struggled with our identity, the spirit of rejection , and of course  there’s abandonment and many more.

Some times we  get upset with our biological parents without even knowing their situation. Don’t leave. Read me out. Growing up I was told at a young age I was
adopted. From that very moment hate grew towards  mother . I would  ask myself over and over how could my mom just throw me away. 

This makes me think of  Moses and his  parents giving him away. If the bible  didn’t  explain the background of why Moses parents places him in a basket into the river  most of us would  have  put our noses in the air and call Moses mother an unwed mother. We would have no problem labeling her with neglect. But in the bible we are told the Israelite’s  were slaves in Egypt and the  Pharaoh’s was fearful and felt the Israelite’s were out numbering his people. And so they put out a call out  to kill the  baby boys. Moses mother ( Jochebed) and Father (Amram) saw the anointing over Moses’s  life and they hid him for three months. A baby is pretty hard to hide could you imagine three months worth of hiding.  After three months  Moses was impossible to hid.  So Moses mother  hand weaved a basket and placed him in the river. Moses’s big sister ( Miriam) follow the basket to  keep an eye on him.  They had two options have their baby boy killed or  sacrifice and give their child into the unknown.  They trusted in the lord and didn’t lean on their own understanding. ( Proverbs 3:5) . And they knew that God would make a way.

There are so many of us adopted children out there whose parents were placed in similar situations. Some of our parents just couldn’t provide and they knew placing us in that river would give us  a whole new life. For many years I was upset with my biological mother  but  she sacrificed and  placed me in the river. This rivet symbolizes true love. We never think of the mother who walked around pregnant for nine months. If you have been around  women who are pregnant  every wants to know what their having. Every one wants to know what their going to  name the baby. Could you imagine how it feels to be seen pregnant and have to explain  why you have no baby to show. I cant imagine how my mother most have felt. I cant imagine how it felt to nurture , feed , feel the baby move inside and then have to give the baby away.  To give away must hurt as much as being given away. Think about it. We never think of the things the mother might have went through in her life as a young person.I cant imagine the rejection and abandonment she felt or the questions and the judgement she felt. I only thought about how I felt.  My point is to say we never know the story of why we are adopted and some of you may know but you have to understand that God does everything for a reason.

And when Moses was found in the river by the Pharaohs daughter she saw  the anointing over  Moses and knew it was a child of  the Isrealilites .  It gets better Moses Mother ended up taking care of him.  Oh and she was payed to. Which mean she got paid to take care of her own son. How sweet.  Read the Story  This is a perfect example of the verse Genesis 50:20 ( Look it up). God uses what the devil meant for evil for Good .

I want to share a part of my Adoption  testimony with you. I found out at an early age for 12357749_1116220221724066_43833660_npersonal reasons I was adopted. For me this explain many things because I felt so out of place growing up with my family. My adopted parents when I asked about my mother only shared negative things about her. They never told me how beautiful of a person she  Hearing negative things about her only made me think less of myself because I am apart of her.  They told  me a lot of things that I had a hard time believing, but I did because I had no other side to hear.   Through out the years I begin to search and search for my mother.  I had  a strong desire to  meet my mother and fill my emptiness.  My sister ended up  getting in touch with my  mother we met her once and never saw her again. At the time  although I wanted my mom meeting her was too much emotionally. We ended up loosing connection. It  wasn’t God’s timing.

God was working on my heart for my mother. I ended up going to a youth conference called misfit . At this conference for the first time in my life God spoke to me.  God  told me  ” Do not long for your parents any more” that very moment I stop longing for my parents. And let me tell you  I longed and searched for them for years and years.  But within a matter of seconds I stopped.   From the age of 15 to my early 20’s I would go through adoption agencies, call different family members to ask  them what they knew.    Two years later yes I said 2 years later because I need you guys to know that just because God says something doesn’t mean its going to happen RIGHT AWAY. But one thing I can assure you if God says its going to HAPPEN its going to HAPPEN!!! So my sister calls me one day and says guess  what! I was on the train today and I looked up and I saw our mom sitting right in front of me and I only knew it was her because she had the same face as me. HOW GREAT IS GOD. that was about four years ago. Its kind of like Moses parents they still got to see there son and have their son. My mother has her daughter because God is faithful and just like Moses mother she loved her son and was willingly to  do whatever she had to do so her child could have the best life ever. While Moses was with the Pharaoh daughter he got the best education, best shelter , best food and was well taken care of.

Because of my mother’s selflessness I was able to have the best education, the best shelter , the best food and was brought up correctly that’s sacrifice our parents stac and sis. I know someone of you are thinking  that is not the case with my parents they were on drugs they were doing this or that BUT you have to have understand Gods will. HE love you so much HE PLACED YOU with Pharaoh and it may not be the best adopted parents but you are well taken care of . And I really want you to see that. God has a special plan for  your life. You are not a mistake. Your identity can only be found in God not even you parents. My mother didn’t fill my emptiness God did.I want to speak to the mothers thinking about abortion your child has a purpose. Every single thing God created he gave it a purpose. When we eat a fruit and we are left with the seed  we are holding the potential of another tree of fruit. That seed inside of you is just not some fetus its a baby with a God given purpose. I know you may not be able to provide but two things I want to say to you. God is a provider he will make a way out of no way. But also if God has called you to place your baby in the river meaning in someone else guidance believe the lord that he will place your child in safe hands. And trust and believe he will HEAL YOU .  If its God will he will reunite you guys. God can  do anything. My mother and I are an example of a  Gods’s miracle. My mother and I relationship is blooming into something beautiful but it takes time. Please don’t kill you baby’s purpose and don’t give up on yourself. You have a great purpose to.


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