Confessing your Secret Struggles


I woke up this morning not knowing how God and I were going to spend our morning together. Honestly  guys I didn’t want to get up but I dragged myself out of bed. I decided  no matter what I was going to spend this time with God and I was going to wait for his presence. I begin to start repenting for all the things that came to my heart that I had done. I even I ask for forgiveness for those who have hurt me. It was even on my heart to declare all the great things God is doing that I cant even see but I know by faith. And then it hit me  Yesterday I wasn’t feelings too good and I went into the medicine cabinet and God had reminded me of how far he brought me.  I remember three years ago when I would open the medicine cabinet my intention would be to commit suicide. If I wasn’t opening the cabinet to commit suicide it was to get high off of cough syrup  thinking it would take away all the pain I was holding in.  I was such a mess but perfect at hiding my struggles.

God is so awesome he placed people in my life that I could share my sins and struggles with. My purpose of sharing this is to allow God ordained people in your life to help you. Check out Galatians 6:2 and James 5:16 these scriptures come to mind because we have to confess our sins and struggles to trusted loved ones because they well help pray and stir up the spiritually realm. When I couldn’t even think about praying for myself there were people who were standing in the gap for me . I can go on and on about the works of God


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