Read the Manual to your Sword

In my last post you read about how I was walking around with a sword not even using it. No silly  not in the natural but in the spirit. I was just carrying this sword  because people told me that I should carry it every day. So a few days ago I found myself low in spirit couldn’t figure out why.  So I decided to listen series of sermon on spiritual mind warfare to a great Apostle name Dr. Leroy Thompson (my friend Andrea told me about Apostle Thompson  I just want to give credit where it is due). I heard Apostle Thompson talk about using your ” Sword of the spirit” I stop the sermon and said  wait I put that on all the time, but I don’t know how to use it. What comes to your mind when you think of the sword of the spirit. If you gave many people a sword and a manual they would put the manual down and begin to fight without even considering the manual.

The sword of the spirit is God’s word everything in the BIBLE ,which is more powerful than an actually sword in the natural.  God informs us in Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against  the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high palaces.  Okay so this is why we don’t fight with a natural sword we would have already lost the battle. Those things are way stronger us.  But with God and his word there is nothing that can over take us.   So I’m guessing by now you have a few questions in your mind. Something like this.


1.How do I use the Sword Of The Spirit

2. What do I need?

3.What is it going to cost me

Great questions

You have everything you need and much more.You have the following things. God, your mouth,your bible and your faith. Yes it will cost  You gotta do the work. Make time for God.  Once you realize you have everything you need. Lets us read Luke 4: 1-13 because its a perfect example of how the sword of the spirit was used by Jesus himself. 

In this chapter the devil is trying to tempt Jesus by twisting the scripture, trying to tempt Jesus to use his power for selfishness, trying to sell Jesus lies. Jesus pulls out his sword and speaks the word against the devil he puts him right in his place without even loosing his cool. I could picture him even laughing at the devil as the devil was very serious about trying to trick Jesus. You don’t read anywhere in these verses Jesus pulled out a sword and try to kill or harm the devil physically . I said this already but its worth mentioning again he didn’t even loose his cool and that’s how we have to be. Oh and he tells Satan to get behind him and keeps moving forward with his task. Jesus had things to do . He even used the devil tempting him for Gods Glory. We gotta keep moving. I will be honest with you when the devil would tell me lies  I use to fall for it and sometimes I still do because I make lot of mistakes and I’m not perfect and never will be. I would be so upset to the point I would stay in bed and cry I would believe all of those lies. If he told me to be sad I would. If he told me I wasn’t good enough I would believe it.  We have the power and the authority in our tongue and we have to start shutting the enemy down. When Jesus didn’t give into Satan he left. We have to stop allowing Satan to stay around . I’m not saying we are inviting him but sometimes we don’t think we have the authority or the right to tell him GET OUT your not welcomed here. Jesus simply stood on God’st word which requires faith. So now lets apply this to our life. Let role play a little.

So Satan may tell you something like this ” You have no purpose on this earth you were a mistake, you have nothing to offer this world.” And yes the devil says these things.

Using your sword : My father says that I’m fearful and Wonderful made and he created me with a purpose and knew of me even before I was knitted in my mothers womb. My father has given me joy that the world cannot take away nor give. I have Joy and I have purpose . Satan your liar and I don’t receive any of those lies.

Now that is how you pull out your sword and he flee because Satan doesn’t want to stay around to hear the truth. He is the father only of lies and darkness

I pray you receive this word and put it into practice it will do wonders. The more time you spend with God the more you learn about your sword and how to use it to its full capacity

Here are a few Treasures to read :

Luke 4, Ephesians 6 ,Romans 12



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