Treasures for your Mind

Five  Treasures  I learned from people who invested time in me during  hard times in my life

  1.  Same Enemy same old tricks.  Trust and believe me the devil never thinks of anything new. So the way he use to mess with you in middle school  he will still do when you are like 50.  Learn his tactics and don’t fall into the same ditch over and over again.
  2. Confess Yo Sins YO! Its so important to confess your sins.The devil wants to keep it on the low. And make you think you will never get pass this Allow someone to stand in the gap for you. And trust me you will do the same soon for someone if your not already. (James 5:16)IMG_1777
  3. Spend time with God, Spend time in the word, Worship God : God word works miracles and I know when you are low its hard to pull yourself but GUESS WHAT HONEY ! GET UP!!!!! Ask the holy spirit to help you start off with worship music if you like pump it up just get up. ( Matthew 6:11) Read this on
  4. Your feelings are a liar  your day or mood doesn’t depend on how you feel it depends on what you choose.  (Philippians 4:8)  Check this out
  5. Your mindset needs a Change of Lifestyle Wat, watch those mind calories you must be alert of what you are filling your mind with.  What are you watching, who are you listening to,. Make sure you filling yourself up with godly things



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