The night God told me He LOVES ME


An encounter with God I won’t ever forget. The night before, I went to bed very late about 1:30am in the morning from a long day of work. I turned off my 4:00am alarm for worship. I have two alarms I should share with you. My first one is 4:00am to wake up but to stay in bed and just listen to worship music. I usually  fall back asleep until my  5:00am get up and prayer alarm clock  goes off. And it has a very annoying song that gets me out of bed ( Don’t Judge me lol). I battled  with the thought of just sleeping in but I got out the bed anyway. I  begin to pray in tongues and after I finish praying  back in bed. I begin to see a vision of a white board  with scriptures appearing on the wall. I kept seeing different scripture and encouragement disappear and appear.

I didn’t remember any of the scriptures but Galatians 5:2 and the time I didn’t know if it was Galatians 2:5. I just kept thinking about it as I was in bed and kept saying I hope I don’t forget this. Then I thought about it again and just went to sleep. When I woke up, I looked up both verse on my phone and didn’t understand what God was trying to share with me. So I kept it in the back of my mind and jumped in the shower and went on about my day. So during the evening I took out my study bible, my commentary, my iPad and I was determined  to know what God needed me to know. Boy oh boy did it take some time but then when I received the Revelation  I cried and cried.  The verse was Galatians 5:2

Galatians 5:2 Behold, I Paul say unto you, that if ye be circumcised, Christ shall profit you nothing

In basic simple terms  there is no work that will make God love us more or less. When we try to follow religious law we don’t gain anything in fact we lose a lot more. I went a little deeper and  It talked about the kind of relationship we have with God. How a lot of times we see God as an employer and he owes us after the work we have done when in reality  there nothing we can do because God is always working for us and making a way.  It broke me because I always find myself  fasting, trying to do good deeds to  gain  God’s approval and that has been my mindset I will be honest with you. It was such an experience because God directly told me ” Daughter stop trying to be perfect I love you and nothing can change that no matter what”.  I should  probably tell you this week I was fasting and I  failed and was low in spirit.I felt because I broke my fast God didn’t love me anymore and that’s a lie STRAIGHT from the enemy.  I gained so much it was amazing.

I worshiped after and I felt God jumping in my spirit. The spirit of joy was upon me.  Man oh man God is so good. Tonight I became a daughter not an employee or a step child but a daughter who knows her place. Our Father loves us so much he is not like the worldly love some of us are use to. The one where you have to give to get. The one that whereyou make a mistake you are not important anymore. God’s love is patient is kind and when you mess up he is right there saying Daughter / Son get up its okay I love you. He will never leave you will never forsake you.  I love God’s kind of love its so powerful. Its supernatural

I pray you received from this post  Be blessed Treasures

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